Growing up as a Christian in the early 70s and 80s you often get to hear personal testimonies in the churches, of individuals who became Christians and overcame their three worst sins – smoking, drinking and seeing films! I know that since mid-90s there is a change in the list. Seeing films is no more part of the top sins one need to overcome as a sincere Christian, because unlike in those days when you had to go to a theatre to watch a movie (where the chances of you getting caught in sin were high), these days you have it played in your house. So its no more a top sin. (Poor God! We just re-wrote His list of sins)! 🙂

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I’m sick and tired of this wide-spread pseudo-spirituality that often glorifies the inconsequential and nullifies the essential! We are taught to live a life of lie – full of needless guilt, fear and shame. And what angers me the most is the fact that most of the time it is based on foolish interpretations and false teachings.

As the title suggests, in this article I am going to discuss one such “man-made sin” – the ‘sin’ of DRINKING. Like with other issues that I have dealt, I am going to expose here how some careless interpretations of the Bible have resulted in portraying “drinking” as a devilish act! The knowledge of truth will really set you free!! I know that many will criticize me for coming out with this. But I had to find the truth and expose it! I invite you to join me as I pass through The Book wine-hunting and party-hopping!



I have seen preachers standing on their heads trying to convince their listeners that the “wine” Jesus provided for the wedding in Cana, was a non-alcoholic grape juice. And most of their listeners shake their empty heads in united agreement. But, since the Bible itself says that knowledge will increase in the last days, it is important that what is taught from it makes sense.

For the kind information of those preachers, the word used in John 2, is “wine” and not “grape juice”. Oh, you think they are the same? Wait. Let me distinguish them for you. Please read these two verses:

1) Gen 40:11 – Fresh grape juice served to Pharaoh by the Chief Butler.

2) Neh 2:1 – Wine served to Artaxerxes by Nehemiah.

The Oxford Dictionary classifies “wine” as an alcoholic drink made from fermented grape juice. And for those of you who do not know, “fermentation” is a process by which sugar is converted into ethyl alcohol as a result of chemical breakdown of micro-organisms in beers, wines and spirits.

Since the Oxford Dictionary is not “God-inspired” and since the Bible-centered, Greek-seeking saints wouldnt settle for anything less, let me go Greek: the Greek word used there for “wine” is ‘oinos’ – A primary word (or perhaps of Hebrew origin); “wine” (literally or figuratively): – wine. The Hebrew origin word is ‘yayin’, which means “effervesce; wine (as fermented); by implication intoxication: – banqueting, wine”. (Hope you have ignored the word “intoxication” found inbetween, because it means to cause (someone) to lose control of their faculties)! 🙂

The same word “yayin” is used in the below verse where the Lord is compared to a drunken man awaking from his sleep, shouting with joy: Psa 78:65 – “Then the Lord awaked as one out of sleep, and like a mighty man that shouteth by reason of wine”. The Hebrew word used here for “shouteth” is ‘ranan’ which generally means to ‘shout joyfully’. So if “wine” was just a grape juice then isn’t God’s reaction compared to someone’s who is very clearly overacting??!!!! 😀

When Jesus was on this earth, he was called a “winebibber” – ‘drunkard’ of wine. And there seems to be some fire behind that smoke as the below verses would prove! When it came to “wine”, Jesus was not naïve. He made it amply clear that he knew a thing or two about wine when he said, “No man also having drunk OLD WINE straightaway desireth new. For he saith, The old is better” (Luke 5:39). The term “old wine” is the key. It very clearly distinguishes itself from the normal “grape juice wine” concept the preachers are desperately trying to portray – because there is nothing called ‘old grape juice’ :-p :-D!! And what did Jesus mean by “the old is better”?? Oh, unless you drink it you won’t have a clue!!

At the wedding in Cana, after tasting the newly served wine, the MC said, “Every man at the beginning doth set forth good wine; and when men have WELL DRUNK, then that which is worse: but thou hast kept the good wine until now” (John 2:10). These words convey a lot… We can understand that the wine that Jesus provided was of a better quality than the “good wine” that was served first. We can also understand that people usually get “WELL DRUNK” by the “good wine” served initially, and they then go on to drink “that which is worse”, served later (and this was obviously done by the hosts to take advantage of the guests’ altered state of mind). And more importantly, the Greek word used there for “drunk” is ‘methuo’, which means – to drink to intoxication, that is, get drunk: – drink well, make (be) drunk (-en). If you missed it, ‘methuo’ means to drink till you are intoxicated. And, come on, you know what intoxication means, don’t you?!!


If I were in Jesus’ place and I knew that drinking was a sin then I wouldn’t have been attending any such weddings in the first place (Infact, I know there are many holier saints who wouldn’t attend such parties or functions even today)! Even if I had to, I would have left much before people started drinking. But look at Jesus! He not only stayed back while others were getting drunk, but he provided more wine to those who were already drunk (Something you wont do if you believed in moderate drinking)!!

I would have asked the servants of the house to fill those empty pots with water and have it poured over the heads of all those drunkards! Infact, Jesus could have used the whip here. Lo, he didn’t! Compared to the high standards of spirituality set by his saints, he seems to be way off the mark!! Way off…! Poor Jesus!!!

Isn’t it interesting to note that the first recorded miracle of Jesus happens to be the provision of “good wine” at a wedding party and that he signs off his last and most important earthly task (the death on the cross) with some “strong wine”?!!



In Matthew 27:34, before Jesus was crucified – “They gave him vinegar to drink mingled with gall: and when he had tasted thereof, he would not drink”. And in John 19:30, we see: “When Jesus thereof had received the vinegar, he said, It is finished”. (When he said “It is finished”, he was obviously referring to the “Mission Accomplished” and not the vinegar that was served!). “Vinegar” or “sour wine” (‘oxos’ in Greek), is a sour-tasting liquid containing acetic acid, obtained by fermenting dilute alcoholic liquids, typically wine, cider, or beer. IT IS STRONGER THAN WINE. And “gall”, is believed to be a narcotic substance called Opium, derived from Poppy plants, found in abundance in Arabic countries and used as an analgesic (pain reliever).

When “gall” is mixed with “vinegar” (it is narcotic drugs mixed with alcohol), it becomes a heady mixture of highly intoxicating cocktail that effects the nervous system in such a way that the person does not feel much pain. During those days, this ‘heady cocktail’ was usually given to a person who was about to be crucified. Jesus refused to take this drink just before his crucifixion because he wanted to experience every bit of the pain that came his way! And as we see in John 19:30, he took the vinegar (without the gall), only moments before he died. And it was more out of thirst (vr 28) than anything else.

When Paul was dealing with the problems in Corinth regarding the ‘Agape Feast’, he said, “one is hungry, and another is drunken” (1 Cor 11:21). The Greek word used here for “drunken” is ‘methuo’. The same word used in John 2, mentioned above. YOU DON’T NEED TO KNOW GREEK TO UNDERSTAND THAT ONE CANNOT GET “METHUO” BY GRAPE JUICE. So what was it that the believers drank in the church during the ‘Agape Feast’ that left some of them drunk? Intoxicating Wine?!! God forbid!!!



The Bible very clearly portrays wine as a drink that makes the heart glad (Ps 104:15/ Ecc 10:19). A normal grape juice would not produce that result. And based on Prov 17:22“A merry heart doeth good like a medicine” – we can conclude that WINE IS A SUPERB HEALTH DRINK…!!!

On 16th Jan 2010, Times of India’s Bangalore Times, carried a NewsAd (Pg 6) titled “Wine for health”. In it they have quoted researchers at Britain’s Reading University suggesting that blue grapes are the best variety of fruit that can be consumed as wine as it (believe it or not) reduces cholesterol in the body and keeps the human heart healthy by facilitating blood circulation!!!

There is no better verse than Judges 9:13, that portrays the value and purpose of this health drink – “And the vine said unto them, Should I leave my vine, which cheereth God and man…?”. This ofcourse is a figurative speech used here by a desperate Jotham, but it is based on facts he has known from the life around him. Is it possible for us to know what he has known? We just need to study the drinking and feasting habits of men and women mentioned in the Bible.

In the three ‘lost and found’ parables that Jesus said in Luke 15, the first two he started by saying “who among you…?” and then added “likewise” to compare our joy with the joy in heaven. The man who found one lost sheep invited his friends to enjoy with him and the woman who found one lost penny did likewise. It seems as if they were just waiting for an excuse to share their joy with others (atleast that’s how Jesus liked to convey that situation)!!

But in the third parable, he neither said “who among you…?” nor “likewise”, clearly portraying that he is directly referring to God’s love and care towards us. If so, then that parable reveals God’s heart.  When the Prodigal Son came back, his father said to the elder son: “It was meet that we should MAKE MERRY, AND BE GLAD: for this thy brother was dead, and is alive again” (Luke 15:32). The father was so eager to “make merry and be glad” that he did not even wait for his elder son to come home!



BACHELOR PARTY: Judges 14:10“So his father went down unto the woman: and Samson made there a feast; for so used the young men to do”.

BIRTHDAY PARTY: Job 1:4“And his sons went and feasted in their houses, everyone his day”. The last phrase makes it more likely a birth day than any other day. (Yes, for a child of God every day is equally important, but its just that some days are more special – like the “birthday” or “wedding anniversary”)!!

COMING OF AGE PARTY: Genesis 21:8“And the child grew and was weaned: and Abraham made a great feast”.

FRIENDSHIP PARTY: Genesis 26:30“And he (Isaac) made them a feast, and they did eat and drink”.  2Samuel 3:20: “So Abner came to David to Hebron, and twenty men with him. And David made Abner and the men that were with him a feast”.

WEDDING PARTY: Genesis 29:21“And Jacob said unto Laban, give me my wife… 22 And Laban gathered together all the men of the place, and made a feast”.

ROYAL PARTY: 1 Kings 3:15“And Solomon awoke; and, behold, it was a dream. And he came to Jerusalem… and made a feast to all his servants”.



I always used to wonder why the modern day saints find it difficult to just have a good time until I read Prov 15:15“He that is of a MERRY HEART hath a CONTINUAL FEAST!!! It’s just not everyone’s ‘glass of wine’. You need to have a happy disposition to enjoy special moments!! 🙂

According to Oxford Dictionary, a Feast means a large celebratory meal, an annual religious celebration or a DEDICATED DAY. From Exodus 23:14, we can understand that it was the Lord who taught the Israelites to feast. He says: “Three times thou shalt keep a feast unto me in a year”. And what did he want them to do in a feast? He said: “And thou shalt rejoice in my feast” (Deut 16:14). Why? Because “A feast is made for laughter” (Ecc 10:19).



JOSEPH – Genesis 43:34“And THEY DRANK, and were merry with”.

A LEVITEJudges 19:21“So he brought him into his house, and gave provender unto the asses: and they washed their feet, and DID EAT AND DRINK. 22 Now AS THEY WERE MAKING THEIR HEARTS MERRY…”.                                               

BOAZ Ruth 3:7“And when Boaz had EATEN AND DRUNK, and his HEART WAS MERRY”.

DANIELDaniel 10:3“I ate no pleasant bread, neither came flesh nor WINE IN MY MOUTH, neither did I anoint myself at all, TILL THREE WHOLE weeks were fulfilled”. Daniel had stopped having bread, meat and wine for three weeks. This obviously means that he did have them the other times. Note: bread and meat were also avoided – not just the wine.

NEHEMIAH Nehemiah 8:10“Then he said unto them, Go your way, eat the fat, and DRINK THE SWEET, for this day is holy unto our Lord: neither be ye sorry”. 12 “And all the people went their way to EAT, AND TO DRINK, and to send portions, and TO MAKE GREAT MIRTH, because they had understood the words that were declared unto them”.

JEREMIAH Jeremiah 35:2“Go unto the house of the Rechabites, and speak unto them, and bring them INTO THE HOUSE OF THE LORD, into one of the chambers, and GIVE THEM WINE to drink”. 5 “And I, set before the sons of the house of the Rechabites POTS FULL OF WINE, AND CUPS, and I said unto them, DRINK YE WINE”. This is very interesting. The Lord wanted Jeremiah to call the Rechabites for a drink in “the house of the Lord” not to highlight their abstinence from drinking, but to show how dedicated they were to their father’s command! Based on my spiritual upbringing… God’s choice of place was very wrong!!

In 1 Kings 4:20, we see written: “Judah and Israel were many, as the sand which is by the sea in multitude, eating and drinking, and making merry”. This verse portrays the blessedness of Israel under the reign of Solomon. The Lord seems to have taught the Israelites all the wrong things. “Eating and drinking and making merry”??!!  If we were to re-write this verse according to our holy standards, it would have been, “Brethren and Baptist were few, as water in a parched dessert, teaching and preaching, and always grumpy”!!!

In the book of Esther we see the introduction of a feast called Adar to commemorate the redemption of Jews from their enemies and their turning of sorrow into joy. Esther 9:22“As the days wherein the Jews rested from their enemies, and the month which was turned unto them from sorrow to joy, and from mourning into a good day: that they should make them days of feasting and joy, and of sending portions one to another, and gifts to the poor”. It was a day of rest, feasting, happiness and giving gifts. Much like the festival of Diwali in India!

Unlike our church picnics, where we have church-like gatherings, the Israelites enjoyed themselves during their feasts. They just made merry because that was what the lord wanted them to do! (Based on my Christian upbringing, God does not seem to be spiritual at all – He wants His children to drink and enjoy?? I feel so much holier)!!!




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Even in today’s secular standards, a woman who drinks has to be a devil woman. And based on the high spiritual standards of latter day saints, such woman should surely be put to death! But the incidents mentioned in the verses below prove that such was not the case during Biblical times. Even the so-called spiritual women of the Bible are shown to have drunk wine and strong drinks!

SAMSON’S MOTHERJudges 13:7“But he said unto me, Behold, thou shalt conceive, and bear a son; and NOW DRINK NO WINE NOR STRONG DRINK, neither eat any unclean thing”.

RUTHRuth 2:14“And Boaz said unto her… eat of the bread, and dip thy morsel in the VINEGAR …and she did eat, and was sufficed, and left”

HANNAH1 Samuel 1:9“So Hannah rose up after they had eaten in Shiloh, and after they had DRUNK”. Her response in vr 15 seems to be contradicting this fact. Hence, open for debate. But that does not take away the fact that Elkanah’s wife Peninnah would have drunk.

JOB’S DAUGHTERSJob 1:13“And there was a day when his SONS AND DAUGHTERS were eating and DRINKING WINE in their eldest brother’s house”.  That’s nice. Brothers and sisters drinking wine together!                                            

AGED WOMENTitus 2:3“The aged women likewise …not given to MUCH WINE”. (Women drank even in the ‘NT’ period)!

In Judges 13, we see an angel of the Lord telling Manoah’s wife that she should abstain from wine and strong drink as she was going to have a Nazarite child. Nazarites are those who dedicate a period of their lives in abstinence from basic pleasures of life for various reasons. (People from south India can easily identify with their practices as the “Aiyyappa devotees” indulge in almost very similar practices every year).  One of the main abstinence was of drinking wine: Numbers 6:3“He shall SEPARATE HIMSELF FROM WINE AND STRONG DRINK”.   As if that was the most important abstinence, the verse where it talks about how a Nazarite can break his vow, the first thing mentioned there is wine: Numbers 6:20“and after that the Nazarite MAY DRINK WINE”.                    



THE LORD HAD ALLOWED EVEN THE LEVITES TO DRINK WINE OR STRONG DRINKS. But there was only one restriction – no drinking while on duty! A Levite could not have wine or strong drink when he enters into the tabernacle. Leviticus 10:9“Do not drink WINE nor STRONG DRINK, thou, nor thy sons with thee, WHEN ye go into the tabernacle of the congregation, lest ye die”. Ezekiel 44:21“Neither shall any priest drink wine, WHEN they enter into the inner court”. The “when” makes it very clear that they were otherwise free to have wine or strong drink.



In today’s corporate world, executives often gift each other wine bottles. Discussion made over a drink often ends with a positive result. But imagine that a man of God is coming to see you and he opens his bag telling you that he has brought a gift for you and then he pulls out a bottle of wine and gives it to you. What would your impression about this man’s godliness be? Well, the Bible foolishly reveals that some Men of God did gift wine bottles!!

ABRAHAM TO MELCHIZEDEK Genesis 14:18“And Melchizedek king of Salem brought forth bread and WINE: and he was the priest of the most high God”.

HANNAH TO ELI1 Samuel 1:24“And when she had weaned him, she took him up with her, with three bullocks, and one ephah of flour, AND A BOTTLE OF WINE, and brought him unto the house of the LORD in Shiloh: and the child was young”.

JESSE TO SAUL1 Samuel 16:20“And Jesse took an ass laden with bread, and A BOTTLE OF WINE, and a kid, and sent them by David his son unto Saul.

ISRAELITES TO LORDNumbers 28:7“in the HOLY PLACE shalt thou cause the STRONG WINE to be poured unto the LORD for a DRINK OFFERING”. This is an ultimate verse! The Lord wanted a “strong wine” to be offered unto him in the holy place as an offering! Ordinary wine wont do?!!

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Wine was not only a good gift to give, it was also a good blessing to give! Please don’t forget, this was done because Wine was considered as a drink that makes the heart of God and men glad!

Genesis 27:28“Therefore God gave thee of the dew of heaven, and the fatness of the earth, and PLENTY OF corn and WINE”.        

Genesis 49:12“His eyes shall be RED WITH WINE, and his teeth white with milk”.

Isaiah 62:9“But they that have gathered it shall eat it, and praise the LORD; and they that have brought it together SHALL DRINK IT IN THE COURTS OF MY HOLINESS”.

Ecclesiastes 8:15“Then I COMMENDED MIRTH, because a man hath no better thing under the sun, than to EAT, AND TO DRINK, AND TO BE MERRY: for that shall abide with him of his labour the days of his life, which God giveth him under the sun”. (also 2:243:135:18).



It may be hard for the Saints of God to accept this at first, but the fact is that a limited measure of Beer and Wine is healthy for the body, but the same measure of tea or coffee does more harm to the body! Now this is a scientifically proven fact. A study has found that both nicotine and caffeine, found in tea, coffee, colas and some chocolates are intoxicants that constrict the blood vessels and thus inhibit the blood flow in our bodies. Caffeine is a crystalline compound found in tea and coffee plants and is a stimulant of the central nervous system, while Nicotine is a toxic (poisonous) oily liquid.

On 6th Dec 2009, The Hindu supplement carried an article with the tag line: “Unwitting addictions to seemingly harmless substances like tea and coffee can make our life a roller coaster ride”. The writer, Nutrition & Health researcher, Meeta Lal, says that the inherent appeal of the most popular “pick-me-ups”, candies, chocolates and sugar, is that it supplies “happy messengers” to the brain, albeit temporarily. The second most widely used “pick-me-up”, Caffeine, is a brain-active drug found not only in coffee, but also in chocolate, sodas and teas. Chocolates contain both sugar and caffeine.

She says, “Most of the time, we are not aware that we are ‘stressed’ and use sugar, caffeine, alcohol, etc to restore balance to our overstressed brain”. According to her, the urge to eat more chocolate and drink more cups of tea and coffee are similar to the urge to drink more alcohol. In other words, THE ADDICTION IS THE SAME! And just like how excessive alcohol can cause liver failures, excessive caffeine can affect the heart’s rhythm. She then concludes saying, “Continued use of pick-me-ups, even seemingly innocent ones like tea and coffee, makes our life a roller coaster ride: steep, fast and wild with rapid ups and downs!”



I used to wonder, if drinking tea or coffee is something that does more harm to the body than good and if people are drinking it more because they are addicted to it than because of its nutritional values, then how come they are thanking God before having it?! Infact, if drinking a limited amount of beer or wine was good for health, then why doesn’t anyone thank God before drinking them?!!

I started looking at 1 Cor 10:31 in a different light, “Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatever ye do, do all to the glory of God”! So, one day I decided to act on this new enlightenment. Once a few of us youngsters were about to start a session of drinking. Just before saying “Cheers” I said, Guys why don’t we say grace? Everyone paused in whatever positions they were and looked at me as if I had just said something very vulgar! Words like “What?”, “Seriously?”, “You kidding?”, “What ‘excreta’?”, etc., dropped out of their stunned mouths! They could not fathom the fact that you could actually thank God for a drink you are about to enjoy! I said, “If we can’t praise God for it then we shouldn’t be drinking it”.

I have known many Saints of God who are so addicted to tea and coffee that they get headaches or constipation if they don’t drink it on time! Yet, I have heard no one having a problem thanking their good Lord for it!! WHAT HYPOCRITES!!! They can thank God for that which “intoxicates” them and makes them addicted to it, but they hate those who drink Wine which according to the Bible even cheers up God!

This then prompts me to ask, “Is addiction wrong?”. If addiction is sin then we all are guilty…! According to the dictionary, addiction is one’s physical dependence on a particular substance, or mental devotion to a particular interest. This in itself cannot be construed as negative or wrong as we all are physically addicted to food and spiritually addicted to doing good (atleast we are supposed to). SO ADDICTION IN ITSELF IS NOT WRONG. IT IS WHAT YOU ARE ADDICTED TO, THAT MAKES IT RIGHT OR WRONG.



So, if spiritually and scientifically drinking is not a ‘sin’, and if men and women of God did not have a problem with drinking or even gifting wine bottles to each other then what else could be a problem? The problem, if any, is in knowing how much is too much?

In Isaiah 5:11, we see God giving the strongest and probably the most direct warning against excessive drinking, “Woe unto them that rise up early in the morning, that they may FOLLOW strong drink; that CONTINUE TILL NIGHT, till wine inflame them!”. In vr 12, He goes on to tell the Israelites the problem He has with their drinking: vr 12 “And the harp, and the viol, the tabret, and pipe, AND WINE, are in their feasts: BUT they regard not the work of the LORD”. As we can see, God did not have a problem with His children enjoying their feasts with music and wine, but with the fact that they did not regard His works while doing so.

As if to reiterate the warning given in Prov 23:29&30, the Public Health Minister, Mr Gillian Merron, in a survey conducted by the British Dept of Health, said, “Damage from REGULARLY DRINKING TOO MUCH can slowly creep up and you won’t see it until its too late” (courtesy BBC Online).

In the book titled “Foods that Harm Foods that Heal – An A-Z guide to safe and healthy eating”, published by Reader’s Digest, the authors have differentiated between heavy drinking and alcoholism. According to them, only 5 out of 100 heavy drinkers are alcoholics (!!!!). But, effects of prolonged misuse are the same for both. There is a constant reference to “prolonged abuse” and “excessive consumption” as reasons for various alcohol-related health hazards. SURPRISINGLY, ALL THROUGH THE BOOK, TEA, COFFEE AND COLAS ARE MENTIONED AS ITEMS THAT NEED TO BE CUT DOWN OR AVOIDED FOR MOST ILLNESSES!

On 7th Dec 2009, in Bangalore Times (supplement of Times of India), nutritionist, Lisa Sarah John, wrote that 60ml of whisky, rum, vodka or beer, roughly contains 150 calories (equal to 8 teaspoons of sugar!). While wine, which is relatively safer, contains 120 calories in 100ml. SHE GOES ON TO WRITE THAT RESEARCH HAS PROVED THAT A LITTLE AMOUNT OF ALCOHOL CONSUMED EVERYDAY IS GOOD FOR HEALTH AND THAT IT HELPS TO RELAX OR DE-STRESS, EVEN HELPING LOWER BLOOD PRESSURE. (The same though cannot be said about tea, coffee, colas and chocolates!). But, according to her, the biggest danger of alcohol is that very few people can have just one drink and stop at that. We can thus conclude that it is not the addiction to wine or strong drinks but the uncontrolled consumption of it that is sinful!

Many Caffeine-addicted Saints of God do not know this but the Bible is full of verses that very clearly states the above mentioned (Oh, yes. Even verses from the NT)!!

Deutronomy 21:20“And they shall say unto the elders of his city, This our son is stubborn and rebellious, he will not obey our voice; he is a glutton, and A DRUNKARD”. A child who was disobedient, a glutton and a drunkard was to be stoned to death because he is not only a burden to his family, but a negative influence in the society. (This verse also tells us that we have to teach our kids not to be gluttonous).

1 Samuel 1:14“And Eli said unto her, How long wilt thou be DRUNKEN? Put away thy wine from thee”.

Proverbs 20:1“Wine is a mocker, strong drink is raging: and whosoever is DECEIVED thereby is not wise”. The Hebrew word for “Deceived” is ‘shagah’ which means to be LEAD ASTRAY through ignorance.

Proverbs 23:20“Be not among WINEBIBBERS; amoung riotous eaters of flesh: 21 For the DRUNKARD and the glutton shall come to poverty”.

Proverbs 23:29-35“They that TARRY LONG at the wine; they that go to seek mixed wine”.

Ecclesiastes 2:3“I sought in mine heart to GIVE MYSELF UNTO WINE, yet acquainting mine heart with wisdom”.

Isaiah 28:7“But they also have erred through wine, and strong drink are out of the way; the priest and the prophet have erred through strong drink, they are SWALLOWED UP of wine, they are OUT OF THE WAY through strong drink; they err in vision, they stumble in judgment”. The priests could take wine and strong drinks when they were not on duty. But here we see that they crossed all their limits.

Matthew 24:49“and to eat and drink with the DRUNKEN”.

1 Corinthians 5:11“But now I have written unto you not to keep company, if any man that is called a brother be a …DRUNKARD …; with such a one not to eat”.

Ephesians 5:18“And be not drunk with wine, wherein is EXCESS”.

1 Timothy 3:3“Not GIVEN to wine”.

1 Timothy 3:8“Likewise must the deacons…, not given to MUCH WINE”.

1 Peter 4:3“For the time past of our life may suffice us to have wrought the will of the Gentiles …EXCESS OF WINE”.

All these verses very clearly mark the “laxmanna rekha” – EXCESSIVE DRINKING!



Unlike today’s listless preachers, Jesus knew what he was talking about when he said, “The son of man came eating and drinking” (Matt 11:19). In that same verse we see him confessing that his enemies called him a “glutton” and a “winebibber”. No one is called a “winebibber” for drinking water or grape juice. Jesus came “eating”*, but he was NOT a glutton. He came “drinking”, but he was NOT a drunkard (*compare with Prov 13:25)! THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A PERSON WHO DRINKS AND A DRUNKARD IS AS DISTINCT AS THE ONE BETWEEN A PERSON WHO EATS AND A GLUTTON!!!

In Ruth 3:7, we read: “And when Boaz had eaten and DRUNK, and his HEART WAS MERRY…” (Have you Saints ever noticed that just the previous day, while dating Ruth, Boaz had offered her bread dipped in STRONG WINE??!!). When we compare it with 1 Samuel 25:26“And Nabal’s HEART WAS MERRY within him, for he was VERY DRUNKEN”, we get a better picture. Boaz and Nabal, both drank wine and their hearts were merry and they both slept. The only difference being: while Boaz was drunk, Nabal was “very drunk”. He did not come to his senses till the next morning (1 Samuel 25:37), while Boaz awoke in his senses in the middle of the night (Ruth 3:8-13)!


Dear friends, if you are not aspiring to become holier than God then I would like to point out a couple of verses to you that shows the heart of the Lord: Deutronomy 14:23-26“And thou shalt EAT BEFORE THE LORD thy God… the TITHE OF THY corn, of thy WINE… And thou shalt bestow that money FOR WHATSOEVER THY SOUL LUSTETH AFTER …for WINE, or for STRONG DRINK … and thou shalt rejoice, thou and thine household”. Like an old man longing to sit and enjoy watching his children and grandchildren have a good time in his house, the Lord wanted the children of Israel along with their families to drink wine and strong drink, and rejoice in his presence!!!

Emphasizing the fact that He does not change, God has revealed that he has similar desires concerning us in the coming world, too! In Isaiah 25:6&8 he says: “On this mountain (Zion) the Lord Almighty will prepare a feast of rich food for ALL PEOPLES, a banquet of AGED WINE – the best of meats and the finest of wines. 8 The Sovereign Lord will wipe away the tears from all faces… The Lord has spoken” (NIV). We can get more insight on this when we compare it with what Jesus said in Matthew 26:20/Luke 22:30. THE WINE SURE DOES CHEER GOD AND MAN AND IT SEEMS THAT GOD WOULD LIKE TO KEEP IT THAT WAY THROUGHOUT ETERNITY!

You may ask me: Isn’t it anyway better not to touch these things? Why take a chance? I would like to ask in return: When you walk down the road, an out of control vehicle could hit and kill you. So, would you just sit at home and not take a chance going out? Oh, but what if you are sitting inside your house, and the earth quakes and the roof of your house falls on you and kills you? So, would you start living in a tent? No?? You mean your life is not that important for you? And you want me to believe that you can takes such risks with your life daily but you have a problem with drinking wine because you think its sinful?

A simple, everyday routine of eating can become a sin if done without self-control! So, should we stop eating then? “Go thy way, eat thy bread with joy, and DRINK THY WINE WITH A MERRY HEART; for God now accepteth thy works” (Ecc 9:7). “Let no man therefore judge you in meat, or in drink” (Col 2:16)!!!


family wine 3.jpg

(Pic courtesy: dailymail.co.uk)


Soberly Yours

Abraham Jos


The FALL or The WALL?? !!!


Ice Wall.jpg




(YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO REMAIN BLIND! But whatever you read hereafter, will be used against you in the court of conscience). 😉  😛

If you laugh out loud the moment you hear “FLAT EARTH”, then you are nothing more than a BLIND BELIEVER of Greek Mythology (also called “Modern Science”)!!! So, sober up!

Just imagine this: the same scientists who make you believe that massive amounts of water can hold itself up below a globe earth, with the help of some mysterious energy called “Gravity”, makes you wonder in disbelief how water would not fall off of a flat earth!!!! Just ask any kid what is easier to believe, THAT A FLAT DISC COULD HOLD WATER ON IT OR A ROUND BALL COULD HOLD WATER UNDER IT (that mysterious ‘ENERGY’ notwithstanding)??????!!!!!!!!!



The difference between a “true” scientist and a pretentious one is that, when a true scientist is presented with a claim contrary to his existing conclusions, he would consider it seriously and research it sincerely, because a true scientist knows that there is a whole lot out there that he really does not know!  But a pretentious ‘scientist’ will immediately pounce on you, abuse you verbally and attack you personally, trying to belittle you in the hope that your message is also belittled in the process, without realizing that he is actually showcasing the same insecurities showcased by a blind follower of religion!

I need to say this here: “LACK OF PROOF FOR SOMETHING IS NOT A PROOF IN ITSELF FOR ANYTHING”! So when a ‘scientist’ tells you “Its not scientifically proved”, it does not mean “it is not true” (though that is what he expects you to conclude). It only means that it has not been researched or studied yet by those poor Scientists – for lack of ability or possibility!! So, if you dont want to continue as a blind follower of Greek-mythology rooted “modern science”, then just open your eyes and start using your brains (it wont hurt; I promise)!




(Pic: Galileo explaining Jupiter’s moons to Catholic Cardinals. Courtesy: nationalgeographic.org)

“The earliest reliably documented mention of the spherical Earth concept dates from around the 6th century BC when it appeared in ancient Greek philosophy but remained a matter of speculation until the 3rd century BC, when Hellenistic astronomy established the spherical shape of the Earth as a physical given.

Though the earliest written mention of a spherical Earth comes from ancient Greek sources, there is no account of how the sphericity of the Earth was discovered.  A plausible explanation is that it was “the experience of travellers that suggested such an explanation for the variation in the observable altitude and the change in the area of circumpolar stars. A practical demonstration of Earth’s sphericity was achieved by Ferdinand Magellan and Juan Sebastián Elcano‘s expedition’s circumnavigation (1519−1522).

Early Greek philosophers alluded to a spherical Earth, though with some ambiguity. Pythagoras (6th century BC) was among those said to have originated the idea. Plato (427–347 BC) also taught his students that Earth was a sphere though he offered no justifications. “My conviction is that the Earth is a round body in the centre of the heavens, and therefore has no need of air or of any similar force to be a support”, he wrote.

Aristotle (384-322 BC) was Plato’s prize student and “the mind of the school”. Aristotle observed “there are starts seen in Egypt and [….] Cyprus, which are not seen in the northerly regions”. Since this could only happen on a curved surface, he too ‘believed’ Earth was a sphere “of no great size”. It was Eratosthenes, a Greek astronomer from Hellenistic Libya (276-194 BC), who estimated Earth’s circumference around 240 BC.

From its Greek origins, the idea of a spherical earth, along with much of Greek astronomical thought, slowly spread across the globe and ultimately became the adopted view in all major astronomical traditions. In the West, the idea came to the Romans through the lengthy process of cross-fertilization with Hellenistic civilization”.           (Data source: Wikipedia)



1) The launch of the first human-made object to orbit Earth was by the Soviet Union’s Sputnik 1, on 4 October 1957, and the first claim to Moon landing was by the American Apollo 11 mission on 20 July 1969!

2) The earliest known working telescopes appeared in the Netherlands in 1608. Galileo used one of these in 1609. The Ritchey-Chretien variant of Cassegrain reflector was invented around 1910, and widely adopted only after 1950; many modern telescopes including the Hubble Space Telescope use this design.  (I don’t need to mention here that you cannot see the shape of earth with a telescope on the earth)!!!

Compare these with the fact that the earliest mention of a spherical Earth dates back to the 6th century BC, and the first attempts to ‘scientifically’ prove Earth’s sphericity were made way back in 1519−1522!!!! How audaciously stupid, when the earliest known telescope appeared only in 1608 and the first claim to space travel was made only in 1957!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

How can any attempt to establish the shape of the earth, before someone or something could actually fly out of the earth’s atmosphere, far enough to turn around and see the whole earth, be asserted as a “scientific fact” when its very clearly nothing more than just an assumption??!!! How can there be any “science” behind such mythological assumptions??? What ‘holier’ ground do these ‘globe-al’ scientists claim to have to enforce their ‘blind beliefs’ on others as irrefutable “facts”??!!



Water Level - Copy.png

The Heliocentric belief of the Solar System was NOT based on any ‘scientific’ evidences, in the first place, but was purported by the Greeks who worshiped the sun god HELIO and wanted to make people accept the Sun as the center of it all, with everything else just revolving around it! This belief was later embraced by the Romans, integrated into their official religion, Christianity, and taught around the world through their educational institutes!

It is very clear from the above Facts that the sphericity of the earth was not theorized based on any ‘scientific’ evidence but merely on the mythological beliefs of the Greek. It need not be highlighted here that even in 2017 AD, there are no REAL, solid evidences of a globe earth, apart from that ONE nicely Photoshoped image of a globe in perfect circle, showing an out of proportion continent of Africa and a rich blue ocean, when even an amateur photographer would have taken atleast 100 HD shots each day!! A total disaster for a theory purported way back in the 6th Century BC!!!



In the book of Job 38:11-14, it is written that the dayspring is caused to know its place so it can take hold of the ends of the earth and that the ends of the earth, is turned as clay to the seal! The Hebrew word chotham” used there for “seal” means “signature seal or “signet” used by kings or authorities.

So THAT, my dear ‘believers’, is the real shape of the Earth!


Pic 1 – A Signet Seal (Courtesy: workersforjesus.com)

In the book of Isaiah 40:22 it says, “It is he that sitteth upon the circle of the earth”. The Hebrew word used here for “circle” is “chûg and means “a circle, circuit, compassive”. This is not the same word used to refer a globe or a ball. In chapter 22:18 of the same book it is written, “He will surely violently turn and toss thee like a ball”. The Hebrew word for “ball” here is “dûr and means “a circle, ball or pile: –  turn, round about”.


Pic 2 – A Flat Earth model (Courtesy: aplanetruth.info)



Job 26:7 – “He stretcheth out the north over the empty place, and hangeth the earth upon nothing. 10 He hath compassed the waters with bounds, until the day and night come to an end”.  “Until the day and night come to an end” could also mean that ‘where the day and night comes to an end’. In other words, Day and Night, caused by the rotation of the Sun above the circle of the earth, is limited within the “bounds (walls of ice)” placed around the earth. Interestingly, the Bible DOES NOT talk about the South Pole!!!



Before i leave the globe-earthers flat, let me address one major ‘proof’ these blind globe-believers keep throwing at you… they say that since the Sun, Moon and the other Planets that you can see are Round, the earth should also be ROUND! Well, i fall flat at the feet of such ‘scientific’ proofs. It leaves me numb with its depth of thought! Sighhh!!!


Just take a good look at this pic. To say that the earth should also be round because the planets around it are round, is like saying that the Christmas Tree should be round because all the balls hanging around it are round!! (Even a 5 year old will cry in shame at such logic)! 😀 😀

Even otherwise, are the stars that we see in the night, round? Are the asteroids and comets that fly by the earth, round? Dont they zoom through the space inspite of their irregular shape?? More interestingly, are the Sun and Moon spherical or oval in shape?????? So whats the big deal with the shape???

Be Enlightened: The Earth IS the centre of this planetary group. The Sun and Moon are made for the earth, to revolve over it to manipulate seasons. And the Planets are made to revolve around the earth to influence its electro-magnetic fields. Hence the circular shape to enhance their motion.



Many people ask, if the earth was flat, wont we all just fall off the edge? Well, that question arises because of the misconception about how the edge is.

Ice Wall.jpg

Recently, the mission to search for the mysteriously missing MH370 was called off citing that the area of the Ocean being searched was too vast and dangerous. With all the modern technology that we posses, this earth is still vast and unreachable!

Do you know that individuals are not allowed to go to “South Pole”? You need permission from the military (of few countries) that controls the area. Why is the South Pole so protected and secretive? 



Once a Scientists friend of mine started arguing with me about the shape of the earth, obviously defending its ‘globeness’. I told him to do a small experiment and get back to me. He hasnt got back about the experiment yet! All i asked him to do was to take a ‘Globe’ and place a miniature plane on NZ and fly the plane over the South Pole towards Argentina. I asked him to pause when the Plane is right ‘above’ the Pole and just check the position of the Plane. Scientists would immediately say that because of gravity we wont feel we are upside down. But the Wise would note that i had not mentioned about people inside the Plane….


…I just wanted you to note the position of the Plane!!!! Can a passenger aircraft fly upside down for so long, without any technical problems??? 

Globe and Gravity Fig.png

(I am seriously loving this childish concept of globe earth!!! It sure is a lot more fun than the Flat earth)!!!! 😀 😀



A reader by the name “Whatever never curves?” said: “Guessing you’ve never heard of the term ‘meniscus’ then! This article is a joke.”


(Pic source: http://www.sciencesource.com)

My Simple Response to him/her (or other) was: “Meniscus can happen only when water is covered on all sides with a ‘wall’ (curvature caused by surface tension). You are reiterating my point, my friend!!! Still Blind, huh??”


leonardo da vinci.png

I hope by now you would have realised that Modern Science (in General and Globe Earth belief in particular) is just another Religion that has its roots in Greek Mythology; Camouflaged as anti-religious, only to entrap the blind and the gullible.


Yours DeFLATeD

Abraham Jos


  • A very good explanation of the FLAT EARTH by D Murphy (1hr Video):






In my Blog “Our God-given Joystick”, I deal with a very taboo topic – Masturbation. Here, I venture to take on another great taboo topic – Homosexuality! Once again I take up the responsibility of “clearing the air” so that many suffocated and confused souls, both young and old, can breathe easy, by realising they are as NORMAL and NATURAL as everyone else!!

(Though i would be often using the word “Gay”, the basic purpose of this Blog is to expose the hypocritical homophobia against Gays, Lesbians and Bisexuals).



The word “gay” actually means “light-hearted” and “carefree”. It also means “light coloured” and maybe as a reference to the light-coloured “pink” it came to be used to refer to homosexual men (I am just guessing). In that sense, the use of the word “gay” to refer to homosexuals is loaded with homophobic undertones.

call me by your name.png

(Pic: Video still from movie – Call Me By Your Name)

But what irritates me more is the use of the word “Straight” to refer to heterosexuals! Now, that is SERIOUSLY HOMOPHOBIC because the impression being conveyed is that non-heterosexuals are ‘crooked’!!! For a society that would not want you to use the word “handicapped” as it has a negative connotation and would like you to replace it with a more positive sounding “differently-abled”, to not have a problem in referring to heterosexuals as “straight” shows the extent of homophobia in our society. Its as ridiculous as modern Allopathic doctors referring to the age-old, effective, simple and safe Eastern Ayurvedic medicines as “Alternative Medicines”!!! What a joke! Ayurveda is many thousand years old and Allopathy is only couple of centuries old and yet they have the audacity to refer to Ayurveda as an “alternative” medicine.  And a dumb society has just swallowed it.

So just because the majority refers to heterosexuals as “straight” doesnt mean that Homosexuals are crooked! I hope you’ve got that straight!!



For those who do not know: Heterosexuals are those who are sexually attracted only to the opposite sex. They are ‘straight’ opposite to Homosexuals who are only attracted to their own sex. The word Homosexual refers to both men and women who are attracted to their own sexes. While the Bisexuals, they are attracted to both sexes (but not necessarily in equal proportions).

The word “Gay” specifically refers to men who are attracted to other men. Women who are attracted to other women are called Lesbians. The word “bisexual” though is not commonly used, inspite of the fact that there are twice as many bisexuals as there are gays. I would like to make a very approximate calculation here (just to convey the real picture): If 60-70% of the people on this earth are heterosexuals, then 20-30% are bisexuals, and only around 10% are purely gay.

I would like to highlight here that inspite of the fact that there are more Bisexuals than Gays, the society in large is yet to identify Bisexuality as a separate sexual preference. It is wrong to refer Bisexuals as Gays because gays are not attracted to women, while Bisexuals are. I say this because i have seen the word “Gay” often being used to also refer to the “bisexuals”. Whats so great a deal about it, you may ask. Apart from the aspect of correctness, it leaves the society (parents and peers) unable to differentiate one from the other. I was watching a Youtube video some time back in which a couple of Indian youngsters were going around in some cities asking young girls what they would do if they found out their boyfriend was “gay”. One girl replied wondering why her boyfriend would want to love her if he is a gay?!! She was dead right! I wrote in the comments section below the video suggesting that they should have used the word “bisexual” and not “gay”.

I would also like to clarify another important misunderstanding. The word “attraction” does not only mean “sexual” attraction. It means a general attraction. For example, when a man says he is attracted to a woman, it does not necessarily mean that he is referring to sexual attraction. He could just be attracted to her character, her smile, her talents, etc.

Even in the case of sexual attraction, the fact that a heterosexual man is sexually attracted to a woman does not mean 1) that everytime he sees her he is thinking of sex and 2) that he feels the same about every woman that passes him by! So, when a man says he is attracted to another man, it does not mean that he desires to have sex with every man that comes near him. (I had to say this because I have seen many stupid people react as if an homosexual man is always thinking of having sex with every man he meets)!



If you come to think of it, Homophobia stems largely from Misogyny, as it mostly is hatred towards a fellow-male for having feminine traits! That is why its easier for a woman to accept Homosexuality!!

The other major misconception the society has about gays is that they think that all gays have evident feminine traits. They think that a gay boy will show girlish features, like talking and walking like girls, wearing lipsticks and nail-polishes, etc. But the fact is that for some gays their feminine traits are not as forthcoming. There are those who only have subtle feminine characters, like they are more loving and caring, they are more well-dressed and well-combed, they are more sentimental than other boys, etc (ofcourse, not all who have these traits are gays).

I consider Homophobia a “social evil” because it is a hatred towards someone for just being born a certain way – physically or mentally. Do you think a grown up boy suddenly decides to take on feminine traits? Are these Homophobics stupid enough not to even ask themselves why a boy would suffer such ignominy and stigmatization all through his life, if all he had to do was to just stop being gay?!!! The media has only worsened the misconception about gays by portraying an exaggerated and often abnormal caricature of gay men. That sends out a wrong notion not only to the society but to those who are gay. Such a portrayal would lead many parents to think that their kids are not gay since they don’t do the things “gays” are shown doing in the movies.

I was watching one of those “coming out” videos on Youtube (“coming out” is a term used to refer to boys and girls who reveal their “Gay-ness” to their relatives or friends, and I have given a list of must see links below). In one video there is this 13 year old boy calling his grandmom to “come out” to her. In the end when he tells her that he is gay, his grandmom (who did sound shocked at first), responded by saying “well that’s ok. Lots of nice men are gay”.

So, unlike what the mainline media foolishly portray, gays are not a group of ‘weird’ people. Gays are as normal as any other human beings. It is just that they were born with certain likes and dislikes that are not common in the society!



Little Men.jpg

(Pic source: still from the 2016 movie “Little Men”)

There is a popular misconception, spread by Christian preachers, counsellors and doctors – no one is born gay. My simple question to them is, how do you know someone is not born gay?? They insist that people are not born gay, because it is a choice that they make as they grow up. So, they conclude that just as easily as you chose to be gay, you can cease to be gay.

They do this without realising that they are contradicting themselves. On the one side they say everyone is born in sin and hence are born sinners and that homosexuality is a sin. But on the other they say that homosexuality is a lifestyle choice!!

If I am born in sin and sin is inborn in me, then how come homosexuality is not part of that inborn sin?? It is true that one sinner wont commit all sins just because he is born a sinner. There are some who are born in sin and are only addicted to lying. They would never murder anyone. But there are those who would never lie, but wont mind killing someone. One sin or the other, they do it because they are born in it.

How come homosexuality, unlike other sins, is the only sin that I can choose to do after I have grown up? How come a small kid can lie by (sinful) nature, without having to choose to, but a small boy cannot be attracted to another small boy without choosing to??  (Please get yourself lost, you dunderheads)!!



North Sea Texas 1 - Copy.png

(Pic: Video still from movie – North Sea Texas)

In a study presented at the annual meeting of the American Association of Science, it was told that male homosexuality is influenced by genes – but environmental and social factors also play a role.

Scientists tested the DNA of 400 sets of brothers to find out if some men are pre-disposed to being gay. They found that a region of the X Chromosome Xq28 had an impact on male sexuality, as did a stretch of DNA on chromosomes 8.

Dr Michael Bailey, of Northwestern University, Illinois, said, “SEXUAL ORIENTATION HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH CHOICE. Our findings suggest there may be genes at play – we found evidence for two sets that affect whether a man is gay or straight”.

Coming close on the heels of the Indian Psychiatrist Society’s official statement that homosexuality is not a mental disease, this new finding should help men to come out of the crude, unnatural boxes they have been jacketed into and live normal, guiltless lives.

I am willing to agree that men born with heterosexual preferences could choose to be gay. Maybe they could. But that does not mean that all gays have chosen to be so. It is like a kid who is born right-handed practices hard and becomes left-handed. That does not in any way mean that every kid that is born left-handed, chose to be one!!!


A Grandpa’s Letter in Support of his Gay Grandson

A letter written by a grandpa to his homophobic daughter in support of his victimised gay grandson went viral on the internet. Posting the letter and my comments (posted on a News site) below:

Dear Christine,

I am disappointed in you as a daughter. You’re correct that we have a “shame in the family”, but mistaken about what it is.

Kicking Chad out of your home simply because he told you he was gay is the real “abomination” here. A parent disowning her child is what goes “against nature”.

The only intelligent thing I heard you saying in all this was that “you didn’t raise your son to be gay”. Of course you didn’t. He was born this way and didn’t choose it any more than he being left-handed. You however, have made a choice of being hurtful, narrow-minded and backward. So, while we are in the business of disowning our children, I think I’ll take this moment to say goodbye to you. I now have a fabulous (as the gay put it) grandson to raise, and I don’t have time for heart less B word of a daughter.

If you find your heart, give us a call.


“Against the law of nature”, as this gentleman grandpa has rightly pointed out, is that which goes against what we all are born WITH and not what we are born INTO. The example that he raised, comparing being born left-handed, was indeed superb!!

Its true that lefties are a minority. Its true that lefties are often made fun off by the righties. Its true that left hand is used for base things. Its true that almost everything in this world is designed for righties…. but none of these ‘truths’ change the fact that a leftie was BORN a leftie. And this fact cannot be changed just because someone starts saying that no one is born a leftie.



Just like how I was born left-handed but was forced by my parents to write with my right, you can force a gay boy to abandon his feelings and live an unnatural life… BUT THE FACT THAT I NOW WRITE WITH MY RIGHT HAND IS NOT A PROOF THAT I WAS NOT BORN LEFT-HANDED!! (Do you vacuum-headed guys understand that??)!!

You would also have noticed how certain toddlers would only go to other men and not women and the vice versa. A study needs to be conducted to find out if male toddlers who like males, grow up to be gays (if any parents have noted this please do let me know). Even otherwise it is a proof that children are born with a liking towards one gender over the other (sexual or otherwise). How can that EVER be “unnatural”…?!

If someone is BORN with a liking to someone of the same gender, then that is as natural as anything on earth! HATING SOMETHING THAT IS NATURAL IS WHAT IS UNNATURAL!

Troy Sevan Heaven - Copy.png

(Pic source: still from Troye Sivan’s song “Heaven”)



If ancient texts (religious or non-religious) have references to homosexuality, it only goes to show that this practise existed even before! Hindu religious texts don’t outright denounce homosexuality. Infact, ancient India was tolerant towards “uncommon” sexual preferences. Several Hindu priests, who have performed same-sex marriages, argue that love is the result of attachments from previous births and that marriage, as a union of spirit, is transcendental to gender.

In a philosophical documentary (probably) titled “Nature of Existence”, I heard one Native American priest Mr Dean Barlese, Spiritual Leader of the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe, say “When the Christians came they started telling us thats all wrong. You need to cover your body and be ashamed of it. You need to be ashamed of sexuality…”.

Explaining how his ancient religion considered homosexuality, he goes on to say, “Certain individuals in the old days were born with what we call the two spirits – a male and a female – within one body. Two spirits is the homosexual. It is almost like a sacred thing. When you were born two-spirited you were given responsibilities, like the burial practices…”. (Here again, he is talking about the bisexuals and not the gays. Gays have a feminine ‘spirit’ inside a male body, while the bisexuals have both masculine and feminine ‘spirits’ inside their bodies).

The Blog, “Hinduism and Homosexuality Through the Ages” by Bharat Gupt, is also a good reading regarding the topic discussed here.


(Pic: kajuraho-auparashtika)

Homophobia was propagated in the modern world by Christian teachings.  It was the British who made homosex “illegal” in India. (It is funny that Hindu radicals claim that homosexuality is a modern, western concept)!! Interestingly, Christians who spread homophobia around the world are now abandoning it in haste in their countries of origin, while their Eastern (blind) “followers” very religiously continue to be homophobic!!

Christianity and Islam are two religions that are most homophobic (inspite of the fact that it is rampantly practiced in private amoung its followers). But then we should keep in mind that Christianity and Islam have come out of Judaic religious roots, and the popularity of Homophobia is thus misleading as it actually stems from misinterpretations of two key Verses!!! So I now have this unenviable task of ripping apart the gross misinterpretations of these two verses to expose the pseudo-spiritual Homophobia!



And you Homophobics who thought you were all so Heterosexual and “Holy”, did you know that the Hebrew word “Qadesh” used to refer to a Sodomite (homosexual) actually means “SACRED”??!! Well, read on!

In the Old Testament of the Bible, female prostitution – a female having commercial sex with many males – is banned, and proceeds from it for religious contribution is also banned. But would that mean that all male and female sex is banned? If not, when it mentions that male prostitution – a man having commercial sex with other men – is banned, how could that mean that all homosex is banned??!! (The concept of male prostitution where a man allows women to have sex with him for money, probably is a modern, urban concept).

Deuteronomy 23:17 – “There shall be no whore* of the daughters of Israel, nor a sodomite** of the sons of Israel. 18 Thou shalt not bring the hire of a whore, or the price of a dog***, into the house of the LORD thy God for any vow”.

**Qadesh“Sodomite” – a holy man, a dedicated/consecrated man, set apart – in this context, a male devoted to an idol or temple. Specifically: a male prostitute.

*Qadeshah“Whore” – a woman who has set herself apart for commercial/sacred sex. In this context: a temple prostitute.

***Keh’-leb“Dog” – Root meaning: to yelp, or else to attack. “Yelp” in English means a short sharp cry of pain or alarm. (And we all know what that would mean in this context)!

What is banned in the OT is men and women dedicating themselves to have sex for money. This explains the use of the Hebrew word “qadesh” which means “holy” or “set apart” to refer to gays and whores! So it is very clear that the above passage does not talk about banning people with certain sexual preferences in their personal lives, but banning those who have set themselves apart for commercial sex.



The “sin of Sodom” is often referred to as homosexuality. Hence the word “Sodomite” to refer to a homosexual. This is based on the incident mentioned in Genesis 19. But a careful study would reveal that Sodom was not all about homosex. Lot had been living there long enough to have known better when he offered his two virgin daughters to the men who wanted to have homosex. It would have been foolish on the part of a city council member to offer women to a pack of hungry homosexuals.

Read and compare Judges 19:25. We can see here how certain men of Gibeah who came with an homosexual urge ended up having sex with the Levite’s concubine. From vr 27 we can understand that the Levite never expected his concubine to be returned (he knew fully well what was going to happen to her). We can thus assume that if Lot had sent out his daughters that night, they would also have been raped by the men of Sodom. But the angels prevented that from happening.

We are very good at making famous assumptions ignoring EVEN God’s own assessments! Be surprised! When God talks about the sin of Sodom, He DOES NOT directly refer to or pick out homosexuality even ONCE!! This is the list of Sodom’s sins God Himself gave:

Ezekiel 16:49 – “Behold, this was the iniquity of thy sister Sodom,

  • pride,
  • fulness of bread, and
  • abundance of idleness was in her and in her daughters,
  • neither did she strengthen the hand of the poor and needy. 50 And
  • they were haughty, AND
  • committed abomination before me:

therefore I took them away AS I SAW GOOD”.


(Pic source: Pinterest)

God’s focus was not the homosexuality of the Sodomites, but their overall haughtiness that caused them to indulge in any wrong that seemed right to them. This sodomite mindset is very similar to the present Modern, Western, Urban culture.

Having said that, I should mention that though homosexuality is being legalized around the world today, there is no place like Sodom where men of the city, including the young and old (which would certainly have consisted close relatives like uncles-nephews, fathers-sons, etc.) would mobilise together to have sex with the same men! In that sense Sodom was really ‘well advanced’!!

But there are a couple of points in the above verses that throw light on how God sees these things. From the verse mentioned above we can see that idleness, haughtiness and selfishness are the “sins” that God was concerned about. Infact, according to God, compared to the Children of Israel, Sodomites were “MORE RIGHTEOUS” (Ex 16:51,52)!!

So the sin of Sodom is not homosexuality, but haughtiness that is a result of prosperity. So it is unfair to use the word “sodomite” to refer to a homosexual. Infact it is foolish because God Himself does not think so!!!



Recently India saw the Government and Judiciary playing “hide and seek” with Article 377 of the Indian Constitution that illegalises “unnatural” sex.  The use of the phrase “unnatural sex” is based on total ignorance.  The sex they refer to may be “uncommon” but it is in no way “unnatural”. Even otherwise, no law can dictate to the society what is natural and what is not; especially if it is something that does not interfere with the rights or freedom of others!

What is more interesting is the base on which they interpret what is natural and what is not – animal behaviour! Unfortunately for them, this ‘proof’ against homosexuality was gathered much before man started exploring and documenting.

Till recently it was believed that plants ‘lived’ with the Sun’s energy. But with men diving into deep seas, it is now found that plants and other kinds of life do survive without a single ray of sunlight in dark undersea caves!

Animal Instinct? Really??


(Pic: roomsforafrica)

Now there are enough and more documentary evidence that show animals too have homosexual tendencies. I have myself seen two male monkeys in a zoo playing with each other’s erect penis. I have also seen an ox mounting another ox from behind and doing ‘pelvic’ thrusts (so I don’t need other proof).

If you insist on taking proof from the animal kingdom to prove what “natural” sex is, then why is the same consideration not given for the rampant animal rape? Almost every animal has to physically force itself on the female of their choice to get them to have sex with them. It is said that a female makes the male chase it before it agrees for sex as it ensures that only the sperm of a healthy, worthy male will find its way in – resulting in a healthy offspring. Isnt it a wonderful idea!

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Why cant the SC then pass a law making forced sex “natural”? Every human male can then follow the “natural” process of procreation of the animals by stalking, assaulting and raping women!! It will ensure that there wont be anymore “rape” complaints against human males! It will make our women healthier with all the running around!! And it’ll also ensure a healthy future generation!!!

What about incestuous sex (sex with close family members)? That is also so “natural” in the animal kingdom! Infact there are very few animals that don’t indulge in incest. How come it is a crime for humans?? Based on what criteria is that considered “unnatural” or unacceptable??

You dumbos, look into the animal kingdom and you will realise how ONLY MAN IS PHYSICALLY AND MENTALLY DESIGNED TO HAVE SEX FOR MUTUAL PLEASURE, over and above the purpose of procreation! No animal kisses its partner during sex. Infact, apart from the snakes, no other animal is ever in a position to kiss its partner during sex, even if it wanted to!!! (Oh, no! Is kissing also an “unnatural” act?? Its “oral”, you know?? And no animals do it)!!!

Civilised Animals

We are immediately reminded by the ‘pundits’ that we cannot do what the animals do because we are civilised beings. I am only happy that modern science which considers humans as animals don’t mind giving them the “civilised” tag. There should be something that distinguishes us from the other ‘uncivilised’ animals, right (poor Dolphins)??!!But my problem is how in certain cases they don’t consider human instincts and blindly follow the animal instinct, but in other cases they ignore the animal instincts all together? Who decides which one is right and which one is wrong and on what basis??


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Here are some transcripts of contradictory judgments passed by a handful of human beings (whom science considers as animals) proving to us that our natural instincts are at the mercy of a handful of confused people who will decide what we can do and what we cannot do:

In the case ‘Govindarajula In re. (1886) 1 Weir 382’, the court had held that “inserting penis in the mouth would not amount to an offence under Section 377″. The same view was reiterated in detail in Khanu vs Emperor (AIR 1925 Sind 286).

In a case dealt by Gujarat High Court in 1968 it had said, “It is true that the theory that sexual intercourse is only meant for the purpose of conception is an outdated theory. But at the same time, it could be said without any hesitation of contradiction that the orifice of mouth is not, according to nature, meant for sexual or carnal intercourse. Viewing from that aspect, it could be said that this act of putting a male-organ in the mouth of a victim for the purposes of satisfying sexual appetite would be an act of carnal intercourse against the order of nature.”

In 1969, the Kerala high court in the case ‘State of Kerala vs Kundumkara‘ had ruled that “committing intercourse between the thighs of another is carnal intercourse against the order of nature” and the act fell within the ambit of Section 377.

The provision of Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code which criminalizes anal_sex and other homosexual acts between men, was imposed by the British colonial authorities in the British Raj. This was also imposed on all 42 of their former British colonies under the same section (Wiki). And many don’t know that on the basis of its interpretation, many heterosexual acts can also be considered as “unnatural”.

For example, based on the above judgments, oral sex between husband and wife is “unnatural” as the “orifice” of the mouth is not meant for a sexual act! Even a harmless act as using the thigh is found by some wise men to be “unnatural”. So all you heterosexual saints who were smiling away at the ‘unnaturality’ of homosexuality, please watch the “orifice”  of your mouth!!



From all the different sexual positions, Anal Sex (penetration of the penis in the “anus” or as commonly known, ‘ass hole’ or A-O) is the most unhealthy and thus dangerous forms of sex. If done without a condom, it affects both the partners. Its not so hard to understand that A-O is the dirtiest part of the human body and many germs and dangerous viruses can be lurking in and around it. So a naked penis can easily pick up one of those viruses, causing serious health issues. More importantly, if there is an injury in the A-O, it is very easy for HIV and other viruses from the penis to get into the blood stream.

Youngsters should also note that if the muscles around the A-O (though similar to human lips in type and texture), is over-stretched, it can result in those muscles loosing its elasticity, thus taking away its ability to control or hold back passing of ‘motion’. There are many youngsters who are victims of this grievous problem and are silent sufferers of the same because of the shame attached in seeking help. Unfortunately, there is hardly any medical remedy for it! So you end up suffering all your life! So please desist from indulging in ANAL SEX, at all cost. 

ORAL SEX is not as dangerous as Anal Sex but if done without proper hygiene and care, it can also cause trouble. If the swallowed Semen carries HIV virus, then there is every chance that it can overcome digestive acids in the stomach and mingle into the receiver’s blood stream. Otherwise, as most can testify, this form of sex is probably the most satisfying of all!

I need to point out here that there is a tribe in Papua New Guinea that practices semen ingestion (drinking of semen) by boys before they reach the age of puberty (Link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sambia_people). They believe that the boys inherit the masculinity of the men whose semen they drink. Now this may come across as totally weird to those conditioned with Christian-influenced, sexophobic, pseudo-sensitivity, but this has been practiced around the world for ages, ritually or otherwise.

In my Blog on Masturbation, i have given a caution about losing too much semen, as each ejaculation of semen discharges a great amount of essential minerals like Calcium, Iron, Starch, etc, from the body, hence it is important to replenish them to our bodies through rich foods. With that logic, drinking semen would enable all the ingredients in it to mingle into the receiver’s body. But more importantly, semen contains another very important ‘ingredient’ – DNA. Just like how a father’s DNA is passed on to the kid through the semen, the person drinking semen also receives the DNA of the other person. Which is why it is important not to indulge in Oral Sex with anyone and everyone.

The safest sexual style is what i call “Thigh Sex” (penetration of penis between partner’s thighs). But unfortunately this is not a very preferred style of sex. Members of opposite sex, indulging in Thigh Sex, should note that semen ejaculated between the thighs can easily find its way into the female’s vagina and end up as an embryo (because the semen or the ovum, dont care a hoot about social factors! So be extremely cautious).

Having said that, i must admit that mutual masturbation is THE healthiest way to achieve sexual satisfaction with a partner. If the climax of sexual pleasure is the orgasm and the purpose of the act is the same, then why not use the safest mode available to achieve it?!!

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(Pic: Ancient Greek Art)



There is a widespread misunderstanding that homophobia is based on Biblical teachings. So isnt the Bible against homosexuality? NO! THE BIBLE IS NOT HOMOPHOBIC!!

There are two verses from Leviticus that form the basis of this interpretation. Well, please allow me to dissect them for you:

1) Leviticus 18:22 Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.”

In Hebrew (the original language in which it was written) it is: eth (with) zakar (males) lo (don’t) shakab (lie down/ravish) mishkab (sexual intercourse) ishshah (adulteress/every/many) toebah (disgusting/abhorring) hiv (thyself). It can be translated as: With men don’t lie down for sex as a prostitute, thus disgusting yourself.

Even the verse where the punishment for homosex is thought to be “death”, the meaning is different:

2) Leviticus 20:13“If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.”

In Hebrew it is: iysh (male/individual) ahser (who/which) shakab (lie down/ravish) eth (with) zakar (males) mishkab (sexual intercourse) ishshah (adulteress/every/many) toebah (disgusting/abhorring) asah (performed/become) shenayim (both) muth (worthy of/die /crying) muth (surely/death/crying) dam (guilt/blood). It can be translated as: A man who lies down with men for sex as a prostitute has made himself disgusting and both shall surely die crying because of their guilt.

Compare these verses with Deut 23:17 quoted above, and It is very clear that the BIBLE DOES NOT DISCOURAGE HOMOSEXUAL PREFERENCES NOR DOES IT CONDEMN HOMOSEXUAL ACTS!! IT ONLY DISCOURAGES MEN FROM DEDICATING THEMSELVES TO HOMOSEXUAL PROSTITUTION! Sexual diseases are acquired when a man or a woman indulges in sexual acts with multiple partners – especially with strangers who may be careers of such diseases.



For many, the very thought of homosex is disgusting. They cant imagine how two men can enjoy sex with each other. But then, there are many who relish eating cockroaches, inspite of the fact that a majority of the meat-eaters still consider it as disgusting!

Most veg-eaters find meat-eaters disgusting. They just cannot understand how people can eat meat. There are many veg-eaters who even consider drinking milk as disgusting! There are those who find burping in the public as disgusting, but many millions in India do not find anything wrong in it. Majority of the world’s population, who wash their bumps with their hands, consider the use of only paper to wipe it clean, as very disgusting…!!! (Sorry for this comparison. But I had to drive my point home)! The moral of the story is: THAT WHICH IS REALLY DISGUSTING FOR SOME CAN BE VERY NATURAL FOR OTHERS!



Just like how preferring non-veg food over veg food is not wrong or sinful in itself, but overeating (that compromises one’s health) is, preferring homosex over hetrosex isnt wrong or sinful in itself, but homosexual or heterosexual prostitution is.

Why should the society allow a few narrow-minded, half-blind men, impose their preferences and phobias on others??! If I find eating cockroaches as disgusting, then I have the freedom not to eat it. If I like drinking milk, then those who find it disgusting have the freedom to look away and mind their own businesses. Why cant we just allow the one who wants to eat cockroach to just go on and enjoy his meal and those who do not want to drink milk be free not to drink it? WHY INTERFERE INTO EACH OTHER’S PREFERENCES?


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WHY CREATE UNNECESSARY BOUNDARIES THAT PROMOTE UNNECESSARY HATRED TOWARDS ONE ANOTHER, when everyone can live in mutual harmony that can be achieved through mutual respect?!

I hope the modern society will rise up from the pit of wrong religious teachings and overcome their misplaced phobias to love and respect everyone just like how their Creator created them and would love to love them!!


“I’m going to bare my heart today;

I dont care what others may say.

For I know I was born this way

A PART OF ME is naturally Gay”!



Abraham Jos



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I venture here to de-criminalise a very taboo topic – Masturbation – by tearing into some thoughtless, senseless interpretations made by sexophobic religious leaders and teachers regarding the sinfulness of the act.

(This is a very candidly and matter-of-factly written article and unless you shed your sexual inhibitions, you are not going to be able to read it through. So sexophobics can either shut their mouths and read or take a detour right here). Thanks!

Apart from what I know through my personal struggles as a teenager and through what I had gathered from my peers then, I also did bring this subject up with present day youngsters and few grownups as a part of casual conversations, and I write this based on what I could gather from all those experiences and conversations.

The title itself should have given you a gist of what is cumming! 🙂

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I am writing this for all those boys and girls (whose joysticks though smaller are more profound!) who like me struggle with misplaced guilt based on wrong teachings and notions. Even the grownups who struggle with this will heave a great sigh of relief! This article can also give some guidance to parents of adolescents, to know the struggle their kids go through and what they think about all this!! So I don’t care what a few people might have to say about it.

I would like to believe that majority of men (and a great number of women) love to do it, but spiritual and social mindsets make them feel guilty about it – because they are taught its a SIN. But with many other things I have heard from my childhood that I could not find any logic in, the attempt to portray masturbation as an act of sin never made any sense for me. People who lie and cheat turn around and point their finger at you and say masturbation is wrong! I had my reasons to believe that it was not, and while still in my teens I had shared it with some senior Bible teachers. I have seen them struggling to convince me that it is a sin. That spurred me into studying about it more and I came to know how some careless interpretations of a couple of verses have ruined so many lives! Hence I take up this ‘shameful’ responsibility of setting the record straight…

Right down there, right between most of our legs, God (whom some prefer to call “Nature”) has placed a very interesting and unique bio-gadget – which I love to refer to as “Joystick”! (And inspite of everyone having one of their own, this is somehow a very taboo topic)!

Right from the time of the birth till about the age of 8-10, there is only one main purpose for this interesting organ – to piss (pass urine). But after that age, the “Joystick” software starts getting unlocked – at different ages for different boys (as early as 8 or 9 for some to as late as 18 or 19 for others)! You think 8 is too early? Well, I thought mine was activated a bit too early when things started happening to me at the age of 11. But then one day I read about a 9 year old boy who became the youngest known dad in the world (and he was given leave from his school to go see his child – lucky fellow)!! For those of you parents who are shocked, let me tell you, it is not necessary for your son to have pubic hair for him to have an orgasm (the feeling of sexual ecstasy) or even an ejaculation (the release of semen)!


Crying over spilt milk

Majority of the world’s major religions consider masturbation as sinfulBM_milk_large.jpg. Though, interestingly, none of the major religious texts directly mentions it as such. Some even go to the extent of saying that sex is sinful – even some Christians. They argue that Adam had sex with Eve only after they committed sin so sex is sin!

I once saw in a documentary, a Jain priest telling that masturbation is wrong because semen contains life and spilling it is like killing a life. (That, by the way, is the best argument I have heard against masturbation and I was very convinced with that logic).

The argument I have heard Christians bring up is very absurd. They take the example from the book of Genesis, of one Mr Onan, who had to marry his dead brother’s wife and have children through her to keep his brother’s lineage alive. But while having sex with her, Onan resorted to the age-old “rhythm method” (pulling out the penis just before the semen enters the woman) and he deliberately spills his semen on the ground. The Bible says that the Lord disliked this act of Onan.

Now, the passage is not clear about which particular act of Onan God disliked. Was it his decision to spill the semen on the ground or his decision to not have a child for his dead brother? Going by the build-up of the narration in the passage, it most certainly would be his act of denying his brother a child, which would have angered the Lord. If we compare it with how the Lord was angry with Esau for giving away his birthright to Jacob for a bowl of porridge, we can understand this better.

Now, even if someone were to insist that it was Onan’s act of spilling his semen on the ground that made the Lord angry, we still cannot interpret it as an act of masturbation, because Onan was NOT masturbating (stroking his penis) there – he was having sex with a woman! Yet if someone were to insist that Onan was masturbating and God was angry about that, then since God revealed His anger only then, we should conclude that either that was Onan’s first masturbation or that God chose to tolerate his earlier ones…!!!! So, gentlemen! Please leave that Onan alone!!

Now, if we consider the impressive logic that the Jain priest put forth, the only other question we can then ask is if the killing of the sperm by spilling the semen on the ground angers the Lord? Since there is no verse direct or indirect that claims so, we need not consider it so. Even otherwise, when a man and a woman have sex, apart from that one sperm in a year, the remaining millions just die – either inside the woman’s body or outside on a piece of cloth! So sperms do die even in normal circumstances.

The other fact that needs to be noted here is that if a boy does not masturbate for few days then the body has an automatic ejaculation system that gets activated – called Nocturnal Emission (semen ejected by the body on its own, mostly at nights). In some cases the boy knows about it immediately, but most often he realises his ‘predicament’ only in the morning…! That should mean that when God designed this software he knew that many sperms would be pushed to their deaths every now and then, isnt it? So, if God Himself was ok with millions of sperms dying every now and then, why are we worried?!!

Most youngsters think that sperm is produced only when they masturbate. But the fact is that the body keeps producing sperm everyday and once it is accumulated, the body ejects it on its own. After a few embarrassing situations, while in my early teens, I decided that I will decide where, when and how my semen is going to leave my body. There is a popular misconception among married men that if they allow their sperm to accumulate and then have sex with their wife, they will have good results (!). But according to research, accumulated sperm tends to become stale and unhealthy. Only through daily ejaculation – by masturbation or having sex – will the sperm be healthy and fit!

I also need to point out here that though the sperm has life in itself, it does not become a human being unless it merges with a woman’s ovum and starts growing as a body. Till then it is only as living an organism as any other in our body. Every month, a non-pregnant woman’s body pushes out her unused ovum and blood. Blood has also got life in it and, with the same Jain logic, spilling it should also be as sinful as spilling the semen. So even this logic is flawed! (Thank God)!!! :-p 🙂


Masturbation + Bad thoughts = Sin


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The other strong and more impressive argument the Christians bring up is the “bad thoughts” one. They insist that one cannot masturbate without having bad thoughts. But this argument does not prove that masturbation in itself is wrong. It only says that since bad thoughts are wrong and masturbation accompanies it, it too should be wrong. With that logic, anything we do with bad thoughts accompanying it should also be considered as wrong. Didn’t understand??

For example: say, every time I have push-ups – an exercise that I do for my physical health – I accompany it with bad thoughts (I think I am having sex with a woman). Would that mean I should stop having push-ups? Wont you rather want me to stop the bad thoughts and continue with the push ups as it helps me stay healthy..? More importantly, according to this logic, a married man can ‘legally’ masturbate by thinking about his wife!! How fair is that?? He can both enjoy sex with a woman and masturbate without having to sin while those who are unmarried cannot do anything with their ‘Joysticks’ even after God has unlocked it for them!!!

I started masturbating at the age of 11 (thanks to all my friends and relatives who selflessly taught me this great art)! At that age my body had not started producing any semen but I certainly did experience orgasm. By 12, things slowly started changing down under – I started becoming a ‘man’! Many parents do not know that for many adolescent boys, their pubic hair rears its head much before their shade of mush appear above their lips. So was my case. Then my body started producing semen. I started loving the orgasms that accompanied it. I started playing with this God-given ‘Joystick’ – EVERYDAY! Infact, it became the one thing that always gave me joy while the world around me seemed eager to inflict pain…!

In a youth camp that I attended I heard a preacher say that masturbation is a sin because it accompanies bad thoughts. I took up my ‘case’ against the leaders (I was also one of the leaders as I had attended my Leadership Training and Counsellor’s Training Courses at the age of 17 itself!). I told them that it is not necessary for bad thoughts to accompany masturbation. They said its impossible. I was around 18 at that time and I had done my homework. I was well prepared for this discussion as I had masturbated many times before without the motivation of the bad thoughts accompanying it. I told them that it is possible, and its not as hard as it seems. They wouldn’t believe!

(I know many of you would want to ask me how that is done. Well, once you read the “What Lust is not…” part below, you would know that you don’t actually need to learn that art, because the interpretation of “bad thoughts”, based on which we are so paranoid, is itself wrong! But for all you curious souls (like me), I wouldn’t like to leave you in a limbo. So here is how you do it: When you are at it (jerking off) you detach your mind from the act and let your hand mechanically do what it needs to do and allow your mind to think of other things. Ofcourse, negative and stressful thoughts will take you down. But any thought that would make you happy can occupy your mind while the hand carries on with its job. Then it happens…on its own. And you are done)!

I also gave the youth leaders the example of a diabetic patient. A person who has blood sugar is not allowed to take sugar. They are forced to drink sugarless tea. For those who have grown up drinking tea with sugar, it would seem close to impossible to think of having to drink tea without it. But since its just the sugar that is harmful, the patient is advised to stop using it. He doesn’t have to stop drinking the tea. He can still let the tea cool his nerves without the harmful effects of the sugar accompanying it!! (At this point they gave up arguing with me on it)!


What “Lust” is not – blowing the lid out of two massive misinterpretations!


It is also taught to us from childhood that lusting after women is sin and since it leads to masturbation, we should stay away from it. During one of my conversations with a youngster, he insisted that he does not find any interest in masturbating and that he has only done it very rarely and that he felt that it is a sin because it is a result of lusting after a woman about which Jesus had warned. I asked him if it was ok then to lust after a man and then masturbate?! He was perplexed.

The two key verses that say ‘thou shalt not lust’ – both from the OT and the NT – is totally and carelessly misinterpreted. What is being taught down the ages based on the misinterpretations of those two verses is that we are not allowed to look at any woman and be sexually attracted or stimulated…! If this is practised sincerely, then boys would be forced to become homosexuals or asexuals.

This misconception is derived from the famous Tenth Commandment: “Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s house, thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor any thing that is thy neighbour’s” (Exo 20:17). The word “covet” used here in Hebrew is châmad and it means -to delight in: – beauty, greatly beloved, covet, delectable thing, ( X great) delight, desire, goodly, lust.

If by saying “Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s wife”, the Lord meant: you should not think of having sex with your neighbour’s wife, then there is a problem, because the verse also uses the same word – chamad – when it says “Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s… house /ox / ass”!!! Lets leave the Ox and Ass aside (why? well, u don’t know people…!), there is no way the Lord would have meant ‘thou shalt not desire to have sex with your neighbour’s House’..!!!

So what did the Lord mean? If you have noticed the meaning given to the word covet – desire – it is clear that we are not supposed to desire our neighbour’s house or wife or cattle. Now, I have heard people say that we should not look at our neighbours house or car and desire to have something similar. That interpretation too is wrong! That is NOT what the verse conveys. I can look at my neighbour’s house and desire to have a similar one of my own. That is not wrong. The verse here ONLY prohibits me from desiring to ACQUIRE my neighbour’s property – his house, his wife, his cattle, etc – and make it mine!!! It has nothing to do with any sexual thought or the desire to have good things like him!!!!! GOT IT???!!!!

In the NT Jesus says, “But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to LUST after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart” (Mat 5:28). This is again a massively misinterpreted verse. This verse is said to be based on the principle laid out in the 10th commandment and hence the same misinterpretation is carried forward.

I want you to note the meanings of some of the key words in the verse:

Looketh – blepō – A primary verb; to look at (literally or figuratively): – behold, beware, lie, look (on, to), perceive, regard, see, sight, take heed.

Woman – gunē – a woman; specifically a wife: – wife, woman.

Lust – epithumeō – to set the heart upon, that is, long for (rightfully or otherwise): – covet, desire, would fain, lust (after).

After her – autos – the reflexive pronoun self, used of the third person, and (with the proper personal pronoun) of the other persons: – her, it (-self), one, the other, (mine) own, said, ([self-], the) same, ([him-, my-, thy-]) self, [your-] selves, she, that, their (-s), them ([-selves]).

If you lay out these words in the order of the verse and compare it with what I have explained above then you can see what this verse actually says. The word ‘gune’ which is used as woman, is specifically used to mean “wife”. And the Greek word used for the phrase “after her” is ‘autos’, which means himself, yourself, thyself. So what Jesus is trying to say here is similar to what I was trying to explain above. He is saying: anyone who perceives a wife (someone else’s, ofcourse!) and desires her for himself (autos), he has already committed adultery!!

God created boys to be attracted to girls. That is natural. (I know there are boys who are naturally attracted to boys… i am not talking about them here). If you tell him that it is a sin to even look at a girl and be sexually attracted to her, then you are by all means pushing him towards mental agony and misplaced guilt. This insistence of yours’ can only be explained as ‘Sexophobia’, because NO Scriptures teach it as wrong!!!!


(Pic: Video still from Nick Merico’s cover of It Will Rain)

So let me repeat here: the above verses talk about someone who sets his heart upon another man’s wife to make her his own and it does NOT prevent a man from being sexually attracted to a woman!!!!! So STOP your sexophobic, pseudo-saintly misinterpretations of Bible verses that have been causing havoc among growing up kids and men!! Let men enjoy what God has so graciously given them to and let them be naturally attracted to the beauty of God’s creation! Stop poking your ‘unnatural’ spades into the beautiful wheels of God’s creation…!!!


Burning the extra energy

I have read various books where the youngsters are advised to do more physical activities to deal with the extra hormones so that they can stay away from the ‘sin’ of masturbation. Every time I hear that logic, I laugh inside. Those poor preachers and writers would have been those who get totally drained after just one session of jerk-off, based on which they have given such advice. They should consult ‘experienced’ boys before they talk rubbish (!).

During my late teen years (15-19yrs) I used to cycle almost 14kms every day. I played football from 5am-6:30am. For few months, a few of us friends used to go to the ground as early as 3:30am and jog from 4-5am and then play (my dad just couldn’t understand how I could wake up on my own so early while on other days he has to keep banging on my door even at 5:30am to wake me up)!! Then I went to the gym from 7 – 8:30am. Then cycle back home, have bath and go to college. Cycle back home in the afternoon, have my lunch, change my clothes and rush back to the college ground for cricket practice from 3pm – 6:30pm. Then cycle back home, take bath, have dinner and cycle to church – all this EVERY DAY! And yet I had enough stamina to stay awake till late night and jerk-off once or even twice!! (Oh, yes. I knew many of my friends who used to do it daily. We often did it together, too! So there should be plenty of normal kids like us out there enjoying life)!!

I would like to point out here that masturbation is a healthy activity. I don’t have the exact calculations, but it is equivalent to jogging for some distance. So, all those who like me have the tendency of becoming fat, should do it also as an exercise!!


How much is too much?

If you thought that masturbating two times almost everyday was too much then read this: encouraged by my friends who claimed they did more than 3 times a day, I have often tried to beat their record. I was only forced to stop after 3 times because my muscles ‘down there’ started to pain badly – but ye dil (this heart) always ‘mange’ (asked for) more!! A few times I remember trying to beat the record by going for it a fourth time and ending up rolling on bed, crying in pain (and there was no way you could tell anyone why you were crying)!

After all those years of burning lots of excess energy, and masturbating everyday, I can tell you that I did not have any problem staying healthy or having kids!! But I have known friends who loved to masturbate daily but they couldn’t as it gave them terrible headache each time they did. Some felt totally drained out and did not have the energy to do it again for days (I found it very hard to accept at first)! So each of us has to decide how much is too much according to how much our body can take at that time.

I should add here that each ejaculation of Semen releases lots of nutrients from the body as it contains starch, fat, protein, iron, calcium, etc. So depending on your body mass index, you may have to have compensate each release with a good intake of food containing calcium and iron (egg, milk, meat, paalak, bitter-guard, etc).

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My only advise here would be, if u decide to do it, do it without any feeling of guilt or shame! Just enjoy the Gift of God!!

Post-marriage masturbation

Most of us while we are young, believe that after marriage there will be sex daily and whenever you feel the urge you just get together and have sex. MYTH! Once a youngster asked me some doubts about masturbation. During the conversation when I told him that even married people do it, he was surprised. He couldn’t believe why they would have to do it when they could have sex with their wives whenever they want. I finally managed to convince him that that was not the case.

Those of us who are married know that sex does not happen as and when we want it. There are various physical and emotional reasons because of which we cannot have sex whenever we wish. Especially with more and more responsibilities of a growing family falling on the shoulders of the married couple, the sexual urge gets pushed to the backburner (and if there is a strain in the relationship, then it gets stuffed into the deep-freezer for a long time)! That’s when we go back to our personal ‘Joysticks’.

Doesn’t post-marriage masturbation affect our sex life?? NO! It doesnt! Infact, it would be good to be able to masturbate without feeling any guilt so that you are not stressed out at not being able to have sex with your wife when you are not able to do so because of various reasons! If you are using masturbation to satisfy your urges even when you are able to have sex with your wife, thus denying her the satisfaction, then you are being selfish. I guess financial stress, professional strain and the occasional personal differences are the main reasons why many married couples cannot enjoy a healthy sexual life.



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If God indeed considers masturbation as sin, then he is the worst sadist ever!! Because there is no need for him to sexually prepare boys at the tender age of 11 or 12 and expect them not to touch it for another 10-15 years!!!! Its like giving an ice cream in the hands of a small kid and asking it not to eat it for a whole day (while holding on to it)!!! What wrong has that innocent child done for it to be forced to endure such torture??!! Which human in his sane mind would want to punish that kid for being tempted to have a lick at that Icecream which anyway is dripping on his hands and legs?!!! It has not stolen anything from anyone, has it??!!!! No sadist can be so cruel!!!

There were two things that I could never say “no” to: 1) eating non-veg; 2) masturbation. The urge to masturbate was so strong that I longed for it. It brought me joy every time i did it!! But for many years I lived cursing myself because I could not stop myself from committing this ‘sin’. Many days I have cried bitterly because I thought God is going to finally throw me into Hell for not being able to stop doing it inspite of all my promises and vows! But from the time I’ve understood that this act is NOT mentioned as a “sin” anywhere, but is rather a gift given by God to men, I have loved my ‘Joystick’ even more!!

So dear friends, stop feeling guilty about it ANYMORE! Go ahead, be attracted to the God-made beauty around you and enjoy your God-given gift – guilt free!!!!

In the mission of spreading Peace and Joy by shattering age-old dumb teachings, here is:

Yours in Ecstasy,

Abraham Jos

(Note: I really was struggling with my thoughts trying to decide if I should post this or not. Inspite of being a very open and candid person, I just could not make up my mind! Then I weighed the pros and cons and I realised that I would rather have a few dumb people talk bad about me than let many innocent young and old alike struggle through their lives because of some silly teachings…  So, here it is)!