In my write-up titled “Our God-given Joystick” I deal with a very taboo topic – Masturbation. Here, I venture to take on another great taboo topic – Homosexuality! This again is something both men and women struggle with, in their lives. Once again I take up the responsibility of “clearing the air” so that many suffocated and confused souls, both young and old, can breathe easy, by realising they are as NORMAL and NATURAL as everyone else!!

Though i would be often referring to the Gays, the basic purpose of writing this is to expose the hypocritical homophobia against Gays, Lesbians and Bisexuals.



The word “gay” actually means “light-hearted” and “carefree”. It also means “light coloured” and maybe as a reference to the light-coloured “pink” it came to be used to refer to homosexual men (I am just guessing). In that sense, the use of the word “gay” to refer to homosexuals is loaded with homophobic undertones.


(Pic: Video still from movie – The North Sea Texas)

But what irritates me more is the use of the word “Straight” to refer to heterosexuals! Now, that is SERIOUSLY HOMOPHOBIC because the impression that is being conveyed is that all those who are non-heterosexuals are not “straight”!!! For a society that would not want you to use the word “handicapped” as it has a negative connotation and would like you to replace it with a more positive sounding “differently-abled”, to not have a problem in referring to heterosexuals as “straight” shows the extent of homophobia in our society. Its as ridiculous as modern Allopathic doctors referring to the age-old, effective, simple and safe Eastern Ayurvedic medicines as “Alternative Medicines”!!! What a joke! Ayurveda is many thousand years old and Allopathy is only couple of centuries old and yet they have the audacity to refer to Ayurveda as an “alternative” medicine.  And a dumb society has just swallowed the foolishness.

Similarly, just because the majority refers to heterosexuals as “straight” it does not mean that non-heterosexuals are not straight! I hope you’ve got that straight!!



For those who do not know: Heterosexuals are those who are sexually attracted only to the opposite sex. They are ‘straight’ opposite to Homosexuals who are only attracted to their own sex. The word Homosexual refers to both men and women who are attracted to their own sexes. While the Bisexuals, they are attracted to both sexes (but not necessarily in equal proportions).

The word “Gay” specifically refers to men who are attracted to other men. Women who are attracted to other women are called Lesbians. The word “bisexual” though is not commonly used, inspite of the fact that there are twice as many bisexuals as there are gays. I would like to make a very approximate calculation here (just to convey the real picture): If 60-70% of the people on this earth are heterosexuals, then 20-30% are bisexuals, and only around 10% are purely gay. Unfortunately though, in many places, people with these preferences are treated worse than “cheaters”, “rapists” and “murderers”!!

I would like to highlight here that inspite of the fact that there are more Bisexuals than Gays, the society in large is yet to identify Bisexuality as a separate sexual preference. It is wrong to refer Bisexuals as Gays because gays are not attracted to women, while Bisexuals are. I say this because i have seen the word “Gay” being often used to also refer to the “bisexuals”. Whats so great a deal about it, you may ask. Apart from the aspect of correctness, it leaves the society (parents and peers) unable to differentiate one from the other. I was watching a Youtube video some time back in which a couple of Indian youngsters were going around in some cities asking young girls what they would do if they found out their boyfriend was “gay”. One girl replied wondering why her boyfriend would want to love her if he is a gay?!! She was dead right! I wrote in the comments section below the video suggesting that they should have used the word “bisexual” and not “gay”.

I would also like to clarify another important misunderstanding. The word “attraction” does not only mean “sexual” attraction. It means a general attraction. For example, when a man says he is attracted to a woman, it does not necessarily mean that he is referring to sexual attraction. He could just be attracted to her character, her smile, her talents, etc.

Even in the case of sexual attraction, the fact that a heterosexual man is sexually attracted to a woman does not mean 1) that everytime he sees her he is thinking of sex and 2) that he feels the same about every woman that passes him by! Similarly, when a man says he is attracted to another man, it does not mean that he desires to have sex with every man that comes near him. (I had to say this because I have seen many stupid people act like a homosexual man is somehow always thinking of having sex with any and every man that comes near him)!



If you come to think of it, Homophobia stems largely from Misogyny, as it mostly is hatred towards a fellow-male for having feminine traits! That is why its easier for a woman to accept Homosexuality!!

The other major misconception the society has about gays is that they think that all gays have evident feminine traits. They think that a gay boy will show girlish features, like talking and walking like girls, wearing lipsticks and nail-polishes, etc. But the fact is that for some gays their feminine traits are not as forthcoming. There are those who only have subtle feminine characters, like they are more loving and caring, they are more well-dressed and well-combed, they are more sentimental than other boys, etc (ofcourse, not all who have these traits are gays).

I consider Homophobia a “social evil” because it is a hatred towards someone for just being born a certain way – physically or mentally. Do you think a grown up boy suddenly decides to take on feminine traits? Are these Homophobics stupid enough not to even ask themselves why a boy would suffer such ignominy and stigmatization all through his life, if all he had to do was to just stop being gay?!!! The media has only worsened the misconception about gays by portraying an exaggerated and often abnormal caricature of gay men. That sends out a wrong notion not only to the society but to those who are gay. Such a portrayal would lead many parents to think that their kids are not gay since they don’t do the things “gays” are shown doing in the movies.

I was watching one of those “coming out” videos on Youtube (“coming out” is a term used to refer to boys who reveal their “Gay-ness” to their relatives or friends and I have given a list of must see links below). In one video there is this 13 year old boy taking a video of him calling his grandmom to “come out” to her. In the end when he tells her that he is gay, his grandmom (who did sound shocked at first), responded by saying “well that’s ok. Lots of nice men are gay”.

So, unlike what the mainline media foolishly portray, gays are not a group of ‘weird’ people. Gays are as normal as any other human beings. It is just that they were born with certain likes and dislikes that are not common in the society!



Little Men.jpg

(Pic source: still from the 2016 movie “Little Men”)

There is a popular misconception, spread by Christian preachers, counsellors and doctors – no one is born gay. My simple question to them is, how do you know I was not born gay?? They insist that people are not born gay, because it is a choice that they make as they grow up. So, they conclude that just as easily as you chose to be gay, you can cease to be gay.

They do this without realising that they are contradicting themselves. On the one side they say everyone is born in sin and hence are born sinners and that homosexuality is a sin. But on the other they say that homosexuality is a lifestyle choice!!

If I am born in sin and sin is inborn in me, then how come homosexuality is not part of that inborn sin?? It is true that one sinner wont commit all sins just because he is born a sinner. There are some who are born in sin and are only addicted to lying. They would never murder anyone. But there are those who would never lie, but wont mind killing someone. One sin or the other, they do it because they are born in it.

According to the doctrine of sin, a small kid lies not because it is taught to do so, or because it chooses to do so (it starts lying even before it is grown up enough to make an informed choice), but because it is born to do so. If so, how come then that only the sin of homosexuality is an exception?

How come homosexuality is the only sin that I can choose to do after I have grown up, unlike other sins that I am born capable of doing? How come a small kid can lie by (sinful) nature, without having to choose to, but a small boy cannot be attracted to another small boy without choosing to??  (Please get yourself lost, you dunderheads)!!

Male Homosexuality – Gene Influenced, Says Scientists

In a study presented at the annual meeting of the American Association of Science, it was told that male homosexuality is influenced by genes – but environmental and social factors also play a role.

Scientists tested the DNA of 400 sets of brothers to find out if some men are pre-disposed to being gay. They found that a region of the X Chromosome Xq28 had an impact on male sexuality, as did a stretch of DNA on chromosomes 8.

Dr Michael Bailey, of Northwestern University, Illinois, said, “SEXUAL ORIENTATION HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH CHOICE. Our findings suggest there may be genes at play – we found evidence for two sets that affect whether a man is gay or straight”.

Coming close on the heels of the Indian Psychiatrist Society’s official statement that homosexuality is not a mental disease, this new finding should help men to come out of the crude, unnatural boxes they have been jacketed into and live normal, guiltless lives.

I am willing to agree that men born with heterosexual preferences could choose to be gay. Maybe they could. But that does not mean that all gays have chosen to be so. It is like how a kid can be born with a specific talent and it is able to showcase it from a very young age and people see that and say that kid is born with that talent. But there are those who are not born with it but master one or the other talent as they grow up by working hard.

The fact of the matter is – and everyone who is born a gay knows this – that gays are born gay, though there are those who choose to be gay!

A Grandpa’s Letter in Support of his Gay Grandson

A letter written by a grandpa to his homophobic daughter in support of his victimised gay grandson went viral on the internet. Posting the letter and my comments (posted on a News site) below:

Dear Christine,

I am disappointed in you as a daughter. You’re correct that we have a “shame in the family”, but mistaken about what it is.

Kicking Chad out of your home simply because he told you he was gay is the real “abomination” here. A parent disowning her child is what goes “against nature”.

The only intelligent thing I heard you saying in all this was that “you didn’t raise your son to be gay”. Of course you didn’t. He was born this way and didn’t choose it any more than he being left-handed. You however, have made a choice of being hurtful, narrow-minded and backward. So, while we are in the business of disowning our children, I think I’ll take this moment to say goodbye to you. I now have a fabulous (as the gay put it) grandson to raise, and I don’t have time for heart less B word of a daughter.

If you find your heart, give us a call.


“Against the law of nature”, as this gentleman grandpa has rightly pointed out, is that which goes against what we all are born WITH and not what we are born INTO. The example that he raised, comparing being born left-handed, was indeed superb!!

Its true that lefties are a minority. Its true that lefties are often made fun off by the righties. Its true that left hand is used for base things. Its true that almost everything in this world is designed for righties…. but none of these ‘truths’ change the fact that a leftie was BORN a leftie. And this fact cannot be changed just because an influential group starts claiming that no one is born a leftie.

Forced To Change

Just like how I was born left-handed but was forced by my parents to write with my right, you can force a gay boy to abandon his feelings and live an unnatural life… BUT THE FACT THAT I NOW WRITE WITH MY RIGHT HAND IS NOT A PROOF THAT I WAS NOT BORN LEFT-HANDED!! (Do you vacuum-headed guys understand that??)!!

You would also have noticed how certain toddlers would only go to other men and not women and the vice versa. A study needs to be conducted to find out if male toddlers who like males, grow up to be gays (if any parents have noted this please do let me know). Even otherwise it is a proof that children are born with a liking towards one gender over the other (sexual or otherwise). How can that EVER be “unnatural”…?!

If someone is BORN with a liking to someone of the same gender, then that is as natural as anything on earth! HATING SOMETHING THAT IS NATURAL IS WHAT IS UNNATURAL!

Troy Sevan Heaven - Copy.png

(Pic source: still from Troye Sivan’s song “Heaven”)



If ancient texts (religious or non-religious) have references to homosexuality, it only goes to show that this practise existed even before! Hindu religious texts don’t outright denounce homosexuality. Infact, ancient India was tolerant towards “uncommon” sexual preferences. Several Hindu priests, who have performed same-sex marriages, argue that love is the result of attachments from previous births and that marriage, as a union of spirit, is transcendental to gender.

In a philosophical documentary (probably) titled “Nature of Existence”, I heard one Native American priest Mr Dean Barlese, Spiritual Leader of the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe, say “When the Christians came they started telling us thats all wrong. You need to cover your body and be ashamed of it. You need to be ashamed of sexuality…”.

Explaining how his ancient religion considered homosexuality, he goes on to say, “Certain individuals in the old days were born with what we call the two spirits – a male and a female – within one body. Two spirits is the homosexual. It is almost like a sacred thing. When you were born two-spirited you were given responsibilities, like the burial practices…”. (Here again, he is talking about the bisexuals and not the gays. Gays have a feminine ‘spirit’ inside a male body, while the bisexuals have both masculine and feminine ‘spirits’ inside their bodies).

Homophobia was propagated in the modern world by Christian teachings.  It was the British who made homosex “illegal” in India. (It is funny that Hindu radicals claim that homosexuality is a modern, western concept)!! Interestingly, Christians who spread homophobia around the world are now abandoning it in haste in their countries of origin, while their Eastern (blind) “followers” very religiously continue to be homophobic!!

All three Abrahamic religions – Judaism, Christianity and Islam – are very homophobic. But then we should keep in mind that Christianity and Islam came out of Judaist religious roots. So the popularity of Homophobia is thus misleading as it actually stems from misinterpretations of ONLY two verses followed by the oldest of the three religions – Judaism. That leaves me with the unenviable task of ripping open the gross misinterpretations of the two verses to break the back of pseudo-spiritual Homophobia!

Sodomite = Sacred

And you Homophobics who thought you were all so Heterosexual and “Holy”, did you know that the Hebrew word “Qadesh” used to refer to a #Sodomite (homosexual) actually means “SACRED”??!! Well, read on!

In the Old Testament of the Bible, female prostitution – a female having #commercial_sex with many males – is banned, and proceeds from it for religious contribution is also banned. But would that mean that all male and female sex is banned? If not, when it mentions that #male_prostitution – a man having commercial sex with other men – is banned, how could that mean that all homosex is banned??!! (The concept of male #prostitution where a man allows women to have sex with him for money probably is a modern, urban concept).

Deuteronomy 23:17 – “There shall be no whore* of the daughters of Israel, nor a sodomite** of the sons of Israel. 18 Thou shalt not bring the hire of a whore, or the price of a dog***, into the house of the LORD thy God for any vow”.

**Qadesh – “Sodomite” – a holy man, a dedicated/consecrated man, set apart – in this context, a male devoted to an idol or temple. Specifically: a male prostitute.

*Qadeshah – “Whore” – a woman who has set herself apart for commercial/sacred sex. In this context: a temple prostitute.

***Keh’-leb – “Dog” – Root meaning: to yelp, or else to attack. “Yelp” in English means a short sharp cry of pain or alarm. (And we all know what that would mean in this context)!

What is banned in the OT is men and women dedicating themselves to have sex for money. This explains the use of the Hebrew word “qadesh” which means “holy” or “set apart” to refer to gays and whores! It is very clear that the above passage does not talk about banning people with certain sexual preferences in their personal lives, but banning those who have set themselves apart for commercial sex.

A Sodomite Is Not a Homosexual


(Pic source: Pinterest)

The “#sin of #Sodom” is often referred to as homosexuality. Hence the word “Sodomite” to refer to a homosexual. This is based on the incident mentioned in #Genesis_19. But a careful study would reveal that Sodom was not all about homosex. Lot had been living there long enough to have known better when he offered his two virgin daughters to the men who wanted to have homosex. It would have been foolish on the part of a city council member to offer women to a pack of hungry #homosexuals.

Read and compare #Judges_19:25. We can see here how certain men of Gibeah who came with an homosexual urge ended up having sex with the Levite’s concubine. From vr 27 we can understand that the Levite never expected his concubine to be returned (he knew fully well what was going to happen to her). We can thus assume that if Lot had sent out his daughters that night, they would also have been raped by the men of Sodom. But the angels prevented that from happening.

We are very good at making famous assumptions ignoring EVEN God’s own assessments! Be surprised! When God talks about the sin of Sodom, He DOES NOT refer to homosexuality even ONCE!!This is the list of Sodom’s sins God Himself gave:

Ezekiel 16:49 – “Behold, this was the iniquity of thy sister Sodom,

  • pride,
  • fulness of bread, and
  • abundance of idleness was in her and in her daughters,
  • neither did she strengthen the hand of the poor and needy. 50 And
  • they were haughty, AND
  • committed abomination before me:

therefore I took them away AS I SAW GOOD”.

God’s focus was not the homosexuality of the Sodomites, but their overall haughtiness that caused them to indulge in any wrong that seemed right to them. This sodomite mindset is very similar to the present Western culture.

Having said that, I should mention that though homosexuality is being legalized around the world today, there is no place like Sodom where men of the city, including the young and old (which would certainly have consisted close relatives like uncles-nephews, fathers-sons, etc.) would mobilise together to have sex with the same men! In that sense Sodom was really ‘well advanced’!!

But there are a couple of points in the above verses that throw light on how God sees these things. From the verse mentioned above we can see that idleness, haughtiness and selfishness are the “sins” that God was concerned about. Infact, according to God, compared to the Children of Israel, Sodomites were “MORE RIGHTEOUS” (Ex 16:51,52)!!

So the sin of Sodom is not homosexuality, but haughtiness that is a result of prosperity. So it is unfair to use the word “sodomite” to refer to a homosexual. Infact it is foolish because God Himself does not think so!!!



Recently India saw the Government and Judiciary playing “hide and seek” with Article 377 of the Indian Constitution that illegalises “unnatural” sex.  The use of the phrase “unnatural_sex” is based on total ignorance.  The sex they refer to may be “uncommon” but it is in no way “unnatural”. Even otherwise, no law can dictate to the society what is natural and what is not; especially if it is something that does not interfere with the rights or freedom of others!

What is more interesting is the base on which they interpret what is natural and what is not – animal behaviour! Unfortunately for them, this ‘proof’ against homosexuality was gathered much before man started exploring and documenting.


(Pic: roomsforafrica)

There was a time when the wise men of the world (the scientists of those times) thought that the earth was flat. That theory fell flat when men started going around. Till recently it was believed that plants ‘lived’ with the Sun’s energy. With men diving into deep seas it is now found that plants and other kinds of life do survive without a single ray of sunlight in dark undersea caves!

Animal Instinct

Now there are enough and more documentary evidence that show animals too have homosexual tendencies. I have myself seen two male monkeys in a zoo playing with each other’s erect penis. I have also seen an ox mounting another ox from behind and doing ‘pelvic’ thrusts (so I don’t need other proof).

If you insist on taking proof from the animal kingdom to prove what “natural” sex is, then why is the same consideration not given for the rampant animal rape? Almost every animal has to physically force itself on the female of their choice to get them to have sex with them. It is said that a female makes the male chase it before it agrees for sex as it ensures that only the sperm of a healthy, worthy male will find its way in – resulting in a healthy offspring. Isnt it a wonderful idea!

Before_adb275_752357 - Copy (2).jpg

Why cant the SC then pass a law making forced sex “natural”? Every human male can then follow the “natural” process of procreation of the animals by stalking, assaulting and raping women!! It will ensure that there wont be anymore “rape” complaints against human males! It will make our women healthier with all the running around!! And it’ll also ensure a healthy future generation!!!

What about incestuous sex (sex with close family members)? That is also so “natural” in the animal kingdom! Infact there are very few animals that don’t indulge in incest. How come it is a crime for humans?? Based on what criteria is that considered “unnatural” or unacceptable??

You dumbos, look into the animal kingdom and you will realise how ONLY MAN IS PHYSICALLY AND MENTALLY DESIGNED TO HAVE SEX FOR MUTUAL #PLEASURE, over and above the purpose of procreation! No animal kisses its partner during sex. Infact, apart from the snakes, no other animal is ever in a position to kiss its partner during sex, even if it wanted to!!! (Oh, no! Is kissing also an “unnatural” act?? Its “oral”, you know?? And no animals do it)!!!

Civilised Animals

We are immediately reminded by the ‘pundits’ that we cannot do what the animals do because we are civilised beings. I am only happy that modern science which considers humans as animals don’t mind giving them the “civilised” tag. There should be something that distinguishes us from the other ‘uncivilised’ animals, right (poor Dolphins)??!!But my problem is how in certain cases they don’t consider human instincts and blindly follow the animal instinct, but in other cases they ignore the animal instincts all together? Who decides which one is right and which one is wrong and on what basis??


(Pic: still from BBC’s serial “Lip Service”)

Here are some transcripts of contradictory judgments passed by a handful of human beings (whom science considers as animals) proving to us that our natural instincts are at the mercy of a handful of confused people who will decide what we can do and what we cannot do:

In the case ‘Govindarajula In re. (1886) 1 Weir 382’, the court had held that “inserting penis in the mouth would not amount to an offence under Section 377”. The same view was reiterated in detail in Khanu vs Emperor (AIR 1925 Sind 286).

In a case dealt by Gujarat High Court in 1968 it had said, “It is true that the theory that sexual intercourse is only meant for the purpose of conception is an outdated theory. But at the same time, it could be said without any hesitation of contradiction that the orifice of mouth is not, according to nature, meant for sexual or carnal intercourse. Viewing from that aspect, it could be said that this act of putting a male-organ in the mouth of a victim for the purposes of satisfying sexual appetite would be an act of carnal intercourse against the order of nature.”

In 1969, the Kerala high court in the case ‘State of Kerala vs Kundumkara’ had ruled that “committing intercourse between the thighs of another is carnal intercourse against the order of nature” and the act fell within the ambit of Section 377.

The provision of #Section_377 of the Indian Penal Code which criminalizes #anal_sex and other homosexual acts between men, was imposed by the British colonial authorities in the British Raj. This was also imposed on all 42 of their former British colonies under the same section (Wiki). And many don’t know that on the basis of its interpretation, many heterosexual acts can also be considered as “unnatural”.

For example, based on the above judgments, #oral_sex between husband and wife is “unnatural” as the “orifice” of the mouth is not meant for a sexual act! Even a harmless act as using the thigh is found by some wise men to be “unnatural”. So all you heterosexual saints who were smiling away at the ‘unnaturality’ of homosexuality, please watch the “orifice”  of your mouth!!



There is a widespread misunderstanding that homophobia is based on Biblical_teachings. So isnt the Bible against homosexuality? NO! THE BIBLE IS NOT HOMOPHOBIC!!

There are two verses from Leviticus that form the basis of this interpretation. Well, please allow me to dissect them for you:

1) Leviticus_18:22 – Thou shalt not lie_with_mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.

In Hebrew (the original language in which it was written) it is: eth (with) zakar (males) lo (don’t) shakab (lie down/ravish) mishkab (sexual intercourse) ishshah (adulteress/every/many) toebah (disgusting/abhorring) hiv (thyself). It can be translated as: With men don’t lie down for sex as a prostitute, thus disgusting yourself.

Even the verse where the punishment for homosex is thought to be “death”, the meaning is different:

2) Leviticus_20:13 – If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.

In Hebrew it is: iysh (male/individual) ahser (who/which) shakab (lie down/ravish) eth (with) zakar (males) mishkab (sexual intercourse) ishshah (adulteress/every/many) toebah (disgusting/abhorring) asah (performed/become) shenayim (both) muth (worthy of/die /crying) muth (surely/death/crying) dam (guilt/blood).It can be translated as: A man who lies down with men for sex as a prostitute has made himself disgusting and both shall surely die crying because of their guilt.

Compare these verses with Deut 23:17 quoted above, and It is very clear that the BIBLE DOES NOT DISCOURAGE HOMOSEXUAL PREFERENCES NOR DOES IT CONDEMN HOMOSEXUAL ACTS!! IT ONLY DISCOURAGES MEN FROM DEDICATING THEMSELVES TO HOMOSEXUAL PROSTITUTION! Sexual diseases are acquired when a man or a woman indulges in sexual acts with multiple partners – especially with strangers who may be careers of such diseases.

But Disgusting Isnt It?

For many, the very thought of homosex is #disgusting. They cant imagine how two men can enjoy sex with each other. But then, there are many who relish eating cockroaches, inspite of the fact that a majority of the meat-eaters still consider it as disgusting!

Most veg-eaters find meat-eaters disgusting. They just cannot understand how people can eat meat. There are many veg-eaters who even consider drinking milk as disgusting! There are those who find burping in the public as disgusting, but many millions in India do not find anything wrong in it. Majority of the world’s population, who wash their bumps with their hands, consider the use of only paper to wipe it clean, as very disgusting…!!! (Sorry for this comparison. But I had to drive my point home)! The moral of the story is: THAT WHICH IS REALLY DISGUSTING FOR SOME CAN BE VERY NATURAL FOR OTHERS!

Born Thus To Live Thus – Let Live!


Just like how preferring non-veg food over veg food is not wrong or sinful in itself, but overeating (that compromises one’s health) is, preferring homosex over hetrosex isnt wrong or sinful in itself, but homosexual or heterosexual prostitution is.

How can a few narrow-minded, half-blind men – majority or minority – impose their preferences and phobias on others??! If I find eating cockroaches as disgusting, then I have the freedom not to eat it. If I like drinking milk, then those who find it disgusting have the freedom to look away and mind their own businesses. WHY INTERFERE INTO EACH OTHER’S PREFERENCES?

Why cant we just allow the one who wants to eat cockroach to just go on and enjoy his meal and those who do not want to drink milk be free not to drink it? WHY CREATE UNNECESSARY BOUNDARIES THAT PROMOTE UNNECESSARY HATRED TOWARDS ONE ANOTHER, when everyone can live in mutual harmony that can be achieved through mutual respect?!

Some Useful Links

Given below are a few links that would open the eyes of your heart and would help you understand the real struggles that real people go through:

1) A Teenager sharing his pain of rejection –  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWHQ17rl_QY

2) An early teen boy. You can feel his pain – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BBWtPEgAfME

3) An early teen boy “coming out” to his grandma – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nydTfbtqYiY

4) The most mature (and one of the most watched) coming out testimony of Actor & Singer Troye Sivan – https://www.youtube.com/


5) Twins coming out and their fear of rejection- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L3K0CJ8usPU

6) A pre-teen boy talking about his preferences  –https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Fp_wE7lsnI

7) Kids react to #Gay_marriage scenes- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8TJxnYgP6D8

8) Ellen talks to a 14yr old open Gay supporter – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zRQ07ZpzPGA

9) Aamir’s Programme about Homosexuals https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UIUQJN1B0aQ

I hope the modern society will rise up from the pit of wrong religious teachings and overcome their misplaced phobias to love and respect everyone just like how their Creator created them and would love to love them!!


“I’m going to bare my heart today;

I dont care what others may say.

For I know I was born this way

A PART OF ME is naturally Gay”!


Yours Straight

Abraham Jos


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