Obama – Arab Spring – 2012

25 Jun


After the initial hype around the election of Obama as the US President, he seemed like he had gone into an hibernation. Many believed that he was not capable of living up to the hype. But i kept telling everyone not to underestimate him, for he is too good to be so incapable. If a dumb Bush could achieve so much, an intelligent Obama (he is a law graduate) can do much more. I told people though he is lying low, he is very cleverly getting things done.

When the news of his election win spread around, i saw in a TV news a Muslim cleric from Pakistan claiming that the Prince whom they were waiting for to rule the world and ‘Islamize’ it has finally come. He said that the world is now in their hands. Well, soon after you read about a locality in London that had declared the Sharia law… (in England)! It was just the start. Then came the Arab spring. It was a very cleverly managed ploy. The US ‘had’ to support the protestors for the sake of Democracy. Nobody could oppose it. The only catch being that the ruling minority was pro-western and the protesting majority was anti. Palestine fell into the hands of extremists and today Egypt has gone to the Muslim brotherhood.

The only two Arab leaders that were killed in the name of extremism are Saddam and Gaddafi – two of the most defiant rulers. Bush Jr killed Saddam as a gift for his dad Bush Sr who wanted to kill him as a present to their family friends, the Saudi royals. Well, Saddam, whose country is the second largest oil-producing country is also a business rival to the Saudi royal family. Obama does not belong to the minority Islamic community. His paternal bloodline is from the majority Sunni. So it is in his interest to remove the minority Shia rulers and let the muslim extremists to take control of the middle east in the name of democracy…! What best way to surround Israel with anti-zionists, before he leaves!!

Is there any relation with the 2012 doomsday prophecy and Obama? Initially it was thought that the hype around 2012 Dec 21 was created for the movie 2012. But then ‘evidence’ proves otherwise. From what is known, the Mayan calendar does not say anything about the end of the world. The cyclic calendar just stops abruptly on 21st Dec 2012. If someone had so much knowledge as to make a calendar that could be calculated for ages, then there should be something about the fact that it stops abruptly. I too believe that the world is not going to end, but there could be a total change in the way things work. There maybe a massive catastrophe. there is no way this world can go on like this – emissions, corruption, materialization, etc! On chances of it happening, i give it 7 on 10.

Now how is Obama related to it. Well, dont forget that the US is going to elect a new President in November 2012. The muslim world cannot afford to loose their “Prince” but the christian voter is not going to re-elect him. Something drastic will happen – the Prince will make it happen!!!

More than three years back i had written that Christ is not going to come in the coming three years and i also wrote that i would update it after the said time. Well, as you and i are still here i guess we can confidently say that Christ has not come yet. Will he come anytime soon? No! Unless death do us part, we can catch up on this after another 3 yrs and discuss why he is taking that long…! It may sound foolish, but i just proved to be right!!

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